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Sinus bur - 1

JfXJUlffi#3^(**9D Medical tools and parts series(Drill) (unltra-high anti-rust(AA)&high precision special nonstandard forming) S*W;FUniX„ With or without penetration, hollow & hollow core inner hole process with different g asicftcr* *att£&*aftu fc-L^uApitots,★ "TS®. .-^J? §«f»SSfi. 3Jir#S. *5fe#SC. j&PftS. Riti "IS ± 0.003mm (3(im) W/?. We can produce with super hard and super finish grinding and satisfy your requirement of any type of shank, web thickness, width of chip flute, land, drill tip,inner cooling hole, structure of cutting edge, angle of cutting edge, degree of sharpness of cutting edge, and the dimension tolerance can be up to ± 0.003mm (3ptm)

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Sinus bur - 2

Medical tools and parts series(Trephine/Bone collector drills/Perforator) (ultra-high anti-rust (AA) &ultra-high wear resistant (A)&Ultra-sharp cutting edge) (AA)&ttM*££! (A)&fi«fiJSJ5fc We can grind bone fetchers with any shape, different angles, different locate mode, tooth profile, structure, depth, and degree of sharpness according to CAD/3D drawings or samples^ («*££) Ultra-high wear-resistant tungsten steel (carbide) edge & High impact tungsten steel (carbide) edge (JMHtA:*) ( HTIt nffe, BfA RT/h i (Screw-on type) This position can also be solid with the drill, work as a limit and...

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Sinus bur - 3

Medical tools and parts series(Sinus lift bur) (Super sharp type & Wear-resistant type) A: Head process material grade:(SDC&CBNC) 1. General sharp & general wear-resisting (B) (regularly in stock) 2.Super-long sharp & super-high wear-resisting (A&AA) (require mass customization) mm (a) Shank material grade: 1.General anti-rust & high rigidity (A)(regularly in stock) 2. High anti-rust & general rigidity (A) (regularly in stock) 3.Super-high anti-rust & high rigidity (AA) (require mass customization) Process Grade: 1.General process (B) (regularly in stock) 2. General process, grinding, high...

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