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Shanghai Zhenghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and renamed as this name in 2000 with registered capital of 40 million .It is a national high-tech enterprise and has 46 patent certificates. Our company is a comprehensive enterprise which is located in Shanghai pudong new district specializing in the design, construction and perfect after-sales service of medical gas and purification engineering in China. At present, our company had designed and constructed several projects of purification engineering, medical center oxygen supply, vacuum suction, paging and intercom...

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Air Purification Disinfector - 4

HOSPITAL AIR DISINFECTION SOLUTIONS MEDICAL PLASMAAIR DISINFECTOR ZH / KXD series medical plasma air disinfector products are mainly composed of fans, junior high efficiency filters, plasma modules and activated carbon molecular filters. Indoor polluted air is circulated through various disinfection, purification modules and junior high efficiency filters under the action of fans The filter mainly filters hair, dust and other large particles of dust; the plasma module can effectively kill various bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms in the air; the activated carbon...

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Air Purification Disinfector - 5

ZH/KXD-X100 CEILING TYPE Applicable Volume 100m3 Widely used in Hospital Delivery room, ICU, CSSD, Supply room, Hemodialysis Center, Laboratory and other places; Ceiling-mounted installation, hiding during engineering decoration, effectively saving room space and better overall room ZH/KXD-B100 WALL-MOUNTED Applicable Volume 100m3 Widely used in Hospital Infection Department Wards, General Wards and Treatment rooms, Rescue rooms, Dispensing rooms and other departments; wall-mounted installation, effectively saving room floor space AApplicable Volume 100m3, 150m3 Widely used in Hospital...

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Air Purification Disinfector - 6

HOSPITAL AIR DISINFECTION SOLUTIONS AIR DISINFECTION BOARD The air disinfection panel is a kind of flexible air purification equipment which can realize the air disinfection and purification in local areas. Using the circulating air system, the indoor air is filtered efficiently to form a hundred grade clean area, which provides an effective and necessary clean space. SUITABLE PLACE It is widely used in various hospital operating rooms, ICU, delivery room, newborn room, access catheter room, sterile room, general ward room, supply room, treatment room and other places. Product model:...

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Air Purification Disinfector - 7

BED UNIT STERILIZER Zenva brand bed unit sterilizer is a kind of automatic equipment which can sterilize bedding, pillow core, mattress, clothing and other articles in hospital with ozone as disinfection factor. Through the four processes of air extraction, disinfection, penetration and analysis, the comprehensive disinfection of articles can be realized. O Adopting stainless steel ceramic ozone generator, ozone has high purity, large quantity and long service life; O By using air compression technology, ozone can completely enter the interior of cotton wadding and other articles for...

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Air Purification Disinfector - 8

SHANGHAI ZHENGHUA MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. Site: No.ll88,ChuanSha Rd.PuDong District,Shanghai City No.38,GuAi Rd.PuDong District,ShangHai City. TEL: 021-58565566/58565533 E-mail: HTTP:

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