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Overview The XH-80 series patient monitor series are designed to meet daily clinical needs and seamlessly integrate into the hospital workflow. A variety of monitor models have more and more accurate practical clinical application values. In acute care, patient monitors must be reliable, easy to use, have advanced parameters, and allow access to data when needed. When transporting patients, the equipment should be easy to carry. The XH-80 series of patient monitors are lightweight, power ful, and intuitive in user interface. They are the best choice for acute, in- and out-of-hospital transfers. Standard application: 3/5 ECG, blood oxygen, body temperature, heart rate, pulse rate, heart output. The optional modules use carbon dioxide technology (mainstream carbon dioxide, sidestream carbon dioxide), blood pressure measurement technology (invasive blood pressure, non-invasive blood pressure). Touch Screen Intelligent Setting Easy Clean For more information, please contact us: More Readabl

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Delica XH-80 Patient Monitor - 2

With sound and light alarm, intelligent alarm Energy-saving, low-power design, extending battery life prompt, let the nursing staff even in the Configure noise reduction fan to ensure a quieter and Support HL7 protocol to access the central workstation cleaner environment Can also respond to critical situations Bluetooth remote connection printer to print 5200mAH+2600mAH) super endurance, to meet the USB data interface data storage It supports patient type selection and alarm Removable and rechargeable 5200mAH lithium battery can application of medical visits and ambulances > Automatic...

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Delica XH-80 Patient Monitor - 3

Physical Parameter Dimensions: 1 Sinch(30cm*1 Scm*30cm) Weight: 2.0kg(lncluding battery,built-in module) .............................................................

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NIBP Pressure Range Pressure Accuracy Resolution 土2mmHg or土1% of reading (take thelarger value) 1mmHg Mean Range AwRR Range AwRR Accuracy

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