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Continuing pursuit of technological excellence For more than 140 years, Shimadzu Corporation has been committed to commercializing cutting-edge technology and providing it to customers in a wide array of industries. Our brand statement, "Excellence in Science", stands for our desire and attitude to diligently respond to customer requirements by offering worldclass technologies essential for Research & Development, process and quality control in a variety of market segments such as food, beverages and agriculture; pharmaceutical; clinical; environmental; automotive; chemical, petrochemical,...

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Nexera Series Shimadzu Markets

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Though we are rarely aware of it, scientific technology has always been there to enrich our lives through things near and far that we encounter all around us on a daily basis. Ever since Shimadzu Corporation was founded, Shimadzu has remained passionately committed to “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology” to be there quietly throughout your life. Contents 8 Chromatographs 32 Delivering New Technology for Life Science 40 Spectroscopy Products 48 X-Ray Spectroscopic Analysis Apparatus 50 Total Organic Carbon Analyzers 54 Materials Testing & Inspection 62 UniBloc Family of...

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New Industry Standard HPLC HPLC systems are able to quantitatively analyze substances in mixtures containing multiple ingredients by separating and detecting target substances. They are also able to purify specific substances once they are separated. The Prominence modular HPLC can be configured to create the optimal system for specific customer applications. The i-Series integrated HPLC systems (Prominence-i and Nexera-i) are intelligent analyzers aimed at large labs requiring high throughput operation (i.e. pharmaceuticals, CROs, chemical, food and environmental labs) as well as small...

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Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (UHPLC) New Integrated LC for Simplified Method Transfer UHPLC systems are able to quantitatively analyze substances in mixtures containing multiple ingredients by separating and detecting target substances. The Nexera series of modular UHPLC systems can be configured to create the optimal system for specific customer applications. HPLC systems are able to quantitatively analyze substances in mixtures containing multiple ingredients by separating and detecting target substances. Advanced AI capabilities have been incorporated to allow the...

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Photodiode Array Detector for UHPLC LC/MS Front End Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Nexera SR is configured with the SPD-M30A photodiode array detector, which is ideally suited to analysis of trace impurities and foreign matter. Its features include the world's highest level of spectral resolution, innovative functions of i-PDeA (intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis) and i-DReC (intelligent Dynamic Range Calculation) enabling peak separation while providing accurate quantitation of high-concentration samples. This system provides the highest sensitivity and resolution under a...

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Method Development – the automated solution Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chroma tograph Mass Spectrometer This solution is designed to support method development based on a Quality by Design approach. The Nexera Method Scouting System features the Nexera X2 nextgeneration ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph. It is equipped with two quaternary solvent pumps, a high pressure resistant column switching valve and the dedicated Method Scouting Solution control software to enable automated, quick and simple column and solvent screening. Linkage between LabSolutions and the DryLab®4 HPLC...

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LC-MS/MS Solution System Packages Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer Shimadzu offers method packages that include pre-optimized MRM transitions for quantitative and reference ions, LC separation parameters, retention times for each compound, peak identification parameters and report templates for outputting of results. Use of a method package simplifies the laboratory method development process. Building an LC/MS system that employs an MS as an LC detector can effectively reduce the limitations of LC analysis. The qualification performance of spectrometers is useful for detecting...

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HRMS High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Preparative Purification System (HPLC) Shimadzu is offering a range of High Resolution Mass Spectrometers based on timeof-flight (TOF) technology. On the LCMS-IT-TOF, there is an unique combination of Ion trap and TOF. The ion trap offers MSn capability and the TOF provides high-resolution and highly accurate MS analysis capability. This combination makes it an effective tool for structure elucidation. In addition, Shimadzu offers Q-TOF combining robust mass accuracy and high resolution thus making it an ideal tool for routine qualitative/quantitative...

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Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector Gas chromatography is a well-established technique for separation of complex samples and quantification of the single constituents. Determination of concentration in unknown samples is performed by comparison with standard measurements. Precision of the GC is therefore crucial for accuracy and reliability of the results. With “The Next Industry Standard” Nexis GC-2030 Shimadzu combines world-class precision with best in class detector sensitivity for FID and BID detector. Smart devices such as the new color touchscreen display offer fast and intuitive...

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Energy-Saving Capillary Gas Chromatograph Triple Quadrupole Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer Shimadzu’s new-generation GC-2025 capillary gas chromatograph minimizes environmental impact by reducing power and carrier gas consumption while retaining the performance capabilities required for capillary analysis. The GCMS-TQ8050 offers a new level of performance for high-throughput, sensitivity and easy operation for simultaneous multi-components analysis in the fields of residual pesticide in food, environment, metabolomics and forensics. The GCMS-TQ8050 incorporates new Ultra Fast...

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