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bringing analysis to life Mascot® is a registered trademark of Matrix Science Ltd., London, UK. AXIMA™, AXIMAAssurance™, AXIMA Confidence™, AXIMA Performance™, AXIMA Resonance™, INTELLIMARQUE™ and PTM Finder™ are trademarks of KratosAnalytical Ltd., Manchester, UK. Accuspot™ and ChIP™ are trademarks of Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan. AXIMA Resonance AXIMA Resonance™ - a unique mass analyzer combining the simplicity of MALDI, the power of MSn and accuracy generation of structural and sequencing i Excellent precursor ion selection Outstanding sensitivity • Innovative software tools to aid bringing analysis to life

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AXIMA Resonance - 2

A unique MALDI QIT TOF MS designed for the structural characterization and sequencing of biomolecules not just mass measurement. Quadrupole ion trap - True MS for structural studies n Variable energy CID control on the fly High resolution precursor ion selection – up to 1000 FWHM High mass resolution and mass accuracy across n MS and MS analyses Outstanding sensitivity - uncompromised design, to ensure highly efficient trapping functionality Low sample consumption- allowing many more MSn experiments to be performed on the same sample spot Variable repetition rate N2 laser Manual or fully...

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AXIMA Resonance - 3

High performance with an innovative design Advanced MS performance n Zoom view The unique characteristics of the instrument allow controlled, flexible and complete searchable fragmentation for target identification and characterization. The unique combination of MALDI and quadrupole ion trap allows: generation of ions using a number of different matrices positive and negative ionization modes, switchable via software in seconds (M+H)+ (M+2H)2+ Des-Acyl Ghrelin (human), an extremely fragile molecule, in MS mode demonstrating excellent resolution and the presence of the doubly charged ion...

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AXIMA Resonance - 4

MS – using multiple fragmentation stages for structural elucidation n High performance MS/MS mode: 603-QQQHLFGSNVTDCSGNFCLFR-623 m/z 4136 The combination of a QIT and high performance reflectron allows superior resolution and excellent sensitivity MS/MS spectra.The AXIMA Resonance™ permits MS/MS spectra of a wide range of analytes from pharmaceutical compounds, through peptides, glycans, lipids and polymers. 1160.26 +b12-18 90 70 y8 y10 y11 Pep -18 Pep -18 203 120 Pep -18 162 162 Pep -18 162 162+18 203 Pep -18 1069.30 800 1000 1200 )* 1400 1600 2200 2400 2600 Mass/Charge )* 3000 3958.75...

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AXIMA Resonance - 5

Software tools to empower complemented by a suite of software tools allowing many different types of • Fully enabled for proteomics experiments - Intellimanque™ software suite for automated data dependent peptide mass fingerprinting and MS/MS of peptides with optional incorporated Mascot database searching • LC-MALDI software allowing confident identification of off-line separated complex • Tissue imaging suite - allows full integration with the CHIP™ tissue sample preparation device, automated acquisition of data and interrogation using proprietary visualization software or automated...

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AXIMA Resonance - 6

Post translational modification analysis - AXIMA Resonance™ provides total support for many types of PTM analysis using the PTM Finder™ software suite of tools - software that facilitates the user's workflow when dealing with MS/MS data sets. Phosphorylation, glycosylation, oxidation, methylation and acetylation amongst others can be characterized. An MS/MS data set is interrogated for the presence of user defined post translational modifications following an initial Mascot search:- • Peptides that are unmatched in this first pass are subjected to a second search using different search...

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