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UniBloc Precision Platform Balances BW-K/BX-K Series Functions Weighted data can be directly typed into any Windows application without the need for any interface software. If you would like to use WindowsDirect with Windows 7, Windows Vista, or USB port, please contact our distributors. u Reliability Re iabili y Reliability ab Compact UniBloc sensor lowered the platform, making it easy to load heavy samples. Calibration record with date and time meeting the requirements of the international standards can be readily d y produced. c Built-in Calibration Weight (BW-K) Simple lever operation maintains accuracy. Large-size weight makes calibration as reliable as external calibration. i Various Application Functions Piece counting, percent display, checking weigh-display, and specific gravity measurement software are standard standard. a High Precision with Large Capacity Large amounts can be weighed with high precision. Even precious substances can be weighed in bulk with sufficient readability. Stabi ity Stability tabil il

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BW-K/BX-K Series UniBloc Precision Platform Balances Summary The Shimadzu BW-K/BX-K Precision Platform balances have been engineered with the innovative UniBloc mechanism, first introduced in 1989. Powerful features support any imaginable weighing application. The BW-K Series includes internal calibration weight. Specifications BW-K/BX-K series Model Capacity Minimum Display Repeatability (Standard Deviation) Linearity Stability Time Temperature Coefficient for Sensitivity (10–30°C) Main Body Dimensions (mm) approx. Main Body Weight (kg) approx. Input/Output Terminals Under-weighing Hook...

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