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Catalog UW-Series - 1

Access to your success SHIMADZU ELECTRONIC BALANCE Featuring New UniBloc Techno

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Catalog UW-Series - 2

Easy and Convenient Functions Supplement Superb Basic Performance UW Series: Fully automatic calibration model (with built-in calibration weights) UX Series: Standard calibration model Weighing takes just 0.7 seconds (S type) Long-life design employing a simple mechanism Clock-CAL automatically calibrates the instrument at a preset time Windows Direct function allows easy data communications

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Catalog UW-Series - 3

Great for the Following Applications High-precision balances with comprehensive functions to handle diverse applications I want to upload measured data to a PC No software needed, just a single cable! Windows direct function transmits data to a PC via a single cable. No troublesome procedures required. Achieve remarkable improvements in work efficiency with no additional investment, except for a cable. Further enhance convenience with the auto print function that automatically transfers data each time a weighed sample is placed on balance. Only a single cable is required to transfer balance...

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Catalog UW-Series - 4

I need to manage weighing according Using- Shimadzu network-compatible software provides full compatibility with FDA 21 CFR Parti 1. Automatic calibration, such as Clock-CAL, ensures accurate weighing at all times. Just connect a printer to automatically output a time- and date-stamped hardcopy calibration report each time sensitivity calibration is complete. Balance ID number can be set internally to identify the balance output on calibration reports. Authority to calibrate the built-in calibration weight of the balance can be restricted by setting a user password. Adding CLASS-Agent Ver....

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Catalog UW-Series - 5

High-precision Balances Offers Rapid, Stable and Accurate Results The ultra-fast response reduces operator stress and shortens work time. UniBloc technology significantly enhances stability and durability. It ensures reliable weighing results over repeated operations. 5& If a weighing record is required, the optional auto print function can automatically transfer data to the printer each time a weighed sample is removed from the balance. For compatibility with automated production-line operation, all operations can be controlled from a computer. UniBloc Technology UniBloc is a revolutionary...

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Catalog UW-Series - 6

UW Series Model Capacity Minimum display Calibration range with external weights Repeatability( ) (g) Linearity(g) Response time(s) Ambient temperature( ) UW220H 220g 0.001g 100-220g UW420H 420g 0.001g 100-420g .001 2 UW620H 620g 0.001g 100-620g Features UX Series Model Capacity Minimum display Calibration range with external weights Repeatability( ) (g) Linearity(g) Response time(s) Ambient temperature( ) Features Option UW/UX series 170 180 UW4200S UW8200S 4200g 8200g 0.1g 0.1g 1000-4200g 1000-8200g 0.08 1 108 105 170 180 190W 3.4 4.6 3.4 LCD with backlight 12V 1A RS-232C WindowsDirect...

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