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Access to your success Protein Sequencer

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Achieving Greater Simplicity and Reliability in the Determination of Amino Acid Sequences PPSQ-31A/33A

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PPSQ-31A/33A Shimadzu Protein Sequencer Achieving Greater Simplicity and Reliability in the Deter mination of Amino Acid Sequences Features Analytical Stability Excellent baseline stability and retention time reproducibility Repeated Use of Mobile Phase Reduced r unning costs and liquid waste in the analysis of PTH-amino acids u s i n g isocratic mode Software with Excellent Operability Simple operations and easy-to-use data analysis functions Contents P 04 - Analytical Stability P 05 - Repeated Use of Mobile Phase P 06 - Software with Excellent Operability P 07 - Specifications

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Stabl e A n a ly s i s , L ow R u n n i n g Cost, Excellent Operability PTH-AA 10pmol mV 2.00 A n a ly t i c al Stability E 1.75 NQ S D T H 1.50 G 1.25 B a s e l i n e S t a bility PPSQ series protein sequencers separate PTH-amino acids isocratically. This improves baseline stability and allows high-sensitivity analysis of PTH-amino acids. 1.00 A Y R M V P 0.75 K W F 0.50 I L 0.25 0.00 R e t e n t i o n T i me Reproducibility -0.25 Isocratic sequence analysis provides more stable retention times. Therefore, peaks detected in previous cycles can be cancelled using substation chromatogram...

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Repeated Use of Mobile Phase Analysis of PTH-Amino Acids Using Isocratic Mode Performing PTH-amino acid analysis in an isocratic mode in which eluents are recycled to allow repeated use of the mobile phase makes it possible to reduce liquid waste and running costs. Software with Excellent Operability Simple Operations Specialized protein sequencer software incorporating control functions for the reaction unit and HPLC analysis unit makes it easy to perform sequence analysis. Main Window Sample Name myoglobin Selection of sequencing schedule Summary display of currently executed cycle and...

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Softw a r e w i t h E x c e l l e n t O p e rability / Specifications S i mp l e , E a s y -to-Use Data Analysis Functions Specialized protein sequencer software makes it simple to perform the reprocessing of chromatograms, the overlay of multiple chromatograms, and the automatic estimation of amino acid sequences, which are required for sequence analysis. Reprocessing of chromatograms required for data analysis Overlay of multiple chromatogram s Automatic estimation of amino acid sequences Chromatogram peak integration, printing, and other processes can be performed on a per-sample basis....

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S p e c i f i c ations Star tup Kit Main Unit PPSQ-31A/33A Part name Quantity Reaction method Edman degradation Reagents for amino acid sequence analysis (7 types) 1 of each type Reaction time PPSQ-31A: 47 min/cycle Glass fiber disks 50 PPSQ-33A: 48.5 min/cycle Polybrene reagent 1 PPSQ-31A: 1 Apomyoglobin standard 1 PPSQ-33A: 3 Mobile phase for PTH-amino acids 1L Number of reactors Sample immobilization method Glass fiber disk (8 mm dia.) or PVDF membrane Reactor temperature control {Room temperature + 10 °C} to 60 °C Converter temperature control {Room temperature + 10 °C} to 70 °C Column...

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JQA-0376 Founded in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation, a leader in the development of advanced technologies, has a distinguished history of innovation built on the foundation of contributing to society through science and technology. We maintain a global network of sales, service, technical support and applications centers on six continents, and have established long-term relationships with a host of highly trained distributors located in over 100 countries. For information about Shimadzu, and to contact your local office, please visit our Web site at www.shimadzu.com SHIMADZU CORPORATION....

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