ICPMS-2030 Series


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ICPMS-2030 Series - 1

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 3

Accelerating Reliable Performance The first system in the industry to include functions for assisting with analytical method development and diagnostics. Newly developed collision cell and On-Line IEC work together to eliminate spectral interference, and achieve high-sensitive and low-interference analyses. Unique system developed by Shimadzu results in the industry's lowest running costs. * As of April 2017, based on data obtained by Shimadzu

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 4

Designed for High Stability and Low Running Costs More Compact Vacuum System The smaller three-stage split-flow turbomolecular pump is especially easy to maintain, maximizing up-time of the instrument. Secondary Electron Multiplier Tube Detector The 9-digit dynamic range detector allows for measuring major components and trace components simultaneously with high sensitivity. Lens System Minimizes Contamination Located behind the newly developed collision cell, the focusing lens improves ion transmission efficiency and elimination of light emission from the plasma. * Light emission removal is...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 5

Newly Designed Interface The newly designed interface allows for easy High Stability and Flexibility New High-Frequency Power Supply maintainability. All parts can be removed and installed Shimadzu is the world's first ICP manufacturer to develop without the need for tools, which helps minimize downtime associated with cleaning and servicing. an all-solid-state high-frequency power supply. Due to Shimadzu's extensive experience, this free-running type high-frequency power supply unit offers the highest output stability. * As of February 2016, based on data obtained by Shimadzu High Stability...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 6

Two Assistant Functions Simplify Analysis The Development Assistant simplifies the process of developing analytical methods. The Diagnosis Assistant automatically diagnoses spectral interference. Together, they provide analytical results with exceptionally high reliability. Development Assistant Function Ensures Analytical Methods Can Be Developed with Confidence by Anyone. Development Assistant Creating analytical methods for ICPMS-2030 Series analysis involves only selecting the measured and target elements, even for samples being analyzed for the first time. Then, based on the...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 7

Obtain Reliable Results Quickly with the Diagnosis Assistant Function. Diagnosis Assistant The Diagnosis Assistant automatically diagnoses spectral interference, based on data measured from all mass numbers. Even when using an already established method for routine analysis, the software analyzes data for any spectral interference to determine if a problem occurred. Checking Data Conventionally Checking Data Using Diagnosis Assistant Check measurement results (all samples) Check measurement results (all samples) If only target elements are measured, then information about other elements is...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 8

Higher Sensitivity and Lower Interference Achieve High-Sensitivity and Low-interference Analyses Using Newly Developed Collision Cell Newly Developed Collision Cell With this newly developed collision cell, polyatomic ions that previously may have been detected as spectral interference are efficiently eliminated by helium gas flowing through the cell, allowing the high-sensitivity analysis. Without Collision Cell If chlorine is in the sample when performing quantitative analysis of 75As, 40Ar and 35Cl combine to form 40Ar 35Cl, which overlaps the mass number of As, creating With Collision...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 9

Unique Combination Eco Mode/Mini-Torch Reduces Running Cost by Dramatically Reducing Gas Consumption In addition to lower running costs, the environmentally-friendly mini-torch plasma unit, developed by Shimadzu, minimizes the energy (electricity) consumed in producing and maintaining an argon plasma. Three Factors That Reduce Running Costs Mini-Torch Plasma Unit Total Gas Flow Rate (L/min) 0 10 20 One of the highest costs associated with ICP-MS systems is the large quantity of argon gas they consume. However, Shimadzu's proprietary mini-torch plasma system consumes 2/3 the argon gas (11...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 10

Trace Element Analysis Applications For Today's Demands Environmental, Drinking Water, and Wastewater Analysis Natural resources such as rivers, oceans, and soil are limited and we all share an obligation to preserve them for our future generations. In the world we live in today, we continue to place a burden on those resources recycling resources and reducing pollution. These can only be accomplished through monitoring by conducting massive amounts of measurements. To this end, Shimadzu provides a simple and accurate through such practices as industrial manufacturing. It is essential that...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 11

Pharmaceuticals/Pharmacopoeia Many of the pharmaceuticals, food products, and other products we encounter can contain harmful elements, either introduced from natural sources or manufacturing processes. ICPMS-2030 are able to Additionally, pharmaceuticals must satisfy the allowable limits specified by ICH Q3D guidelines, where the measurement methods used are specified in the pharmacopoeia of respective countries. quickly measure harmful elements with high sensitivity, making them ideal for monitoring such substances and ensuring the safety and security of pharmaceuticals, foods, and other...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 12

LabSolutions CS/DB for ICPMS-2030 Series Supports Laboratory Networking and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance. Client PC LabSolutions server Powder and particle size analyzer Thermal Balance analyzer Combine with Multi-Data Registration license to enable integrated management of these instruments’ data. CBM-201m Other Vender LC/GC File acquisition capable *1 The acquisition control PC controls analytical instruments. It can also be used to send analytical instructions and perform postrun analysis, just like a client PC. *2 If a terminal service is used, then LabSolutions software does not need...

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ICPMS-2030 Series - 13

Peripheral Equipment / Application Systems For automatic analysis of 60 samples AS-10 Autosampler (P/N 211-93680-58) Multiple samples can be analyzed successively. The turntable results in a short path length for sample injection, which can reduce the rinse time. Vials: 60 15-mL vials 8 50-mL vials Size: W290 × D508 × H300 mm (excluding arm) Power supply: Single-phase 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA Cooling Water Circulator Set (P/N 211-92962-41) Size: W377 × D500 × H615 mm Power supply: Single-phase 200 V, 50/60 Hz, 2 kVA Weight: 43 kg Note: Used to cool the main unit. Note: Requires a Chiller...

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