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LCMS-2020 - 1

C146-E121 LCMS-2020 Shimadzu Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

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LCMS-2020 - 3

LCMS-2020 Shimadzu Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer Seeing is Believing. Building an LC/MS system that employs an MS as an LC detector can effectively reduce the limitations of LC analysis. In addition to this, reducing those limitations to the greatest extent possible requires an MS that can handle ultra high speed analysis. The new "LCMS-2020" single quadrupole ultra-fast LC/MS, boldly addresses these requirements. It is capable of providing more data points and faster scans than any previous quadrupole LCMS instrument, allowing it to handle the fastest small-particle and high...

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LCMS-2020 - 4

UFLC Quality From HPLC to UFLC. Then to UFLC/MS. samplerv oven From HPLC to UFLC. UFLC achieves excellent speed and resolution, while offering the high precision not available with conventional HPLC and expandability options. Ultra Fast Not only high-speed analysis, but increased overall speed through rapid sample injection and fully automatic analysis functions. Unquestionable Fidelity UFLC offers exceptional injection reproducibility as well as ultra high-speed operation. In terms of minimizing sample carryover, essential in LC/MS analysis, the LCMS-2020 stays ahead of the competition....

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LCMS-2020 - 5

Ultra Fast - UFscanning, UFswitching, and UF 5

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LCMS-2020 - 6

Speed is Power Gr e a te r s p e e d . G rea ter s e n sitivity. Skimmer Ionization Probe Entrance Lens Desolvation Line Pre-rod Octopole Qarray® Optics Ion Source Ultra-fast UFswitching Rapid 15-millisecond positive/negative ionization switching Polarity switching time 15 msec Positive-ion measurement SIM 2CH Polarity switching time 15 msec Negative-ion measurement SIM 2CH Positive-ion measurement SIM 2CH To detect both positive and negative ions, analysis is performed while switching between the positive and negative ionization modes. The LCMS-2020 adopts a high-voltage power supply...

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LCMS-2020 - 7

Accurate mass analysis of sharp chromatographic peaks obtained by UFLC requires ultra-fast MS detection capabilities. The LCMS-2020 offers UFswitching for rapid switching between the positive and negative ionization modes and UFscanning for ultra-fast scan measurements to capture the sharpest UFLC peaks. Enhances sensitivity by preventing Superior sensitivity from UFLC The newly developed Qarray® Optics achieves superior sensitivity, reproducibility, and linearity. Calibration curve:o.i, 1,10,100, looopg 15,000 u/sec fast scanning speed Controls the voltage applied to the Quadrupole...

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LCMS-2020 - 8

UFscanning & UFswitching Necessity of UFswitching and UFscanning for ultra-fast analysis Ultra-fast detection (MS measurement) is required for ultra-fast analysis with elution of six components per minute, for example. The UFswitching and UFscanning functions permit the required ultra-fast mass spectrometry. Polarity switching time Polarity switching time ^^^k Negative-ion ^^^k ^^^^B measurement ^^^^P Sample: Polarity Examples of ionization in positive and negative modes

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LCMS-2020 - 9

Hardware Features that to Powerfully Support Three UFs Toughness against dirty samples In order to check the toughness of the LCMS-2020 against dirty samples, plasma samples simply precipitated with only acetonitrile were injected 2,500 times over 10 days (1 [iL volume per injection). Excellent reproducibility of peak area was demonstrated and its RSD was 2.26%. Internal standard 2500 injections over 10 days Plasma Sample Injection Number Creating Fragment Ions by In-source CID Easy Maintenance The desolvation line (DL) that introduces the sample from the ion source into the vacuum can be...

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LCMS-2020 - 10

LabSolutions LCMSsolution Ver.5 for LCMS-2020 Powerful support for UFLC/LCMS-2020 high-speed performance. This software maximizes analysis performance. Rapidly analyzes huge volumes of data in browser windows. The comprehensive, clear display provides a stress-free working environment. Comparison of Control and Target Multiple data items are displayed sequentially on the same screen. To view the diverse information in a data file in the optimal layout for comparison, the data can be browsed like flipping through the pages of a book to discover differences between the data. Control Target...

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LCMS-2020 - 11

Comparing MS, PDA, and LC Data The MS, PDA, and LC chromatograms can be displayed in tiled or overlaid views. Similar views can be used for comparison with previous data. The MS spectra of PDA chromatogram peaks are easy to confirm. Overlaid view Tiled view Flexible Report Formats Enhanced layout customization for reports. Even easier and more convenient. 11

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LCMS-2020 - 12

LCMSsolution Ver.5 for LCMS-2020 Optimization of Analysis Parameters Automatically searches and sets the voltages that affect the ion transmittance (DL/Qarray voltage) to the optimal values for the target compounds. SIM Table Enter the target m/z Method Optimization Window Specify the conditions to search for the optimal voltage Automatic analysis execution Method Optimization Result Window The Search results of the optimal voltage value are displayed SIM Table The optimal voltage value is set into the SIM table automatically Analytical conditions are optimized 12

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LCMS-2020 - 13

Ionization Methods Diverse Ionization Methods Expand the Range of Applications Selecting the ionization method appropriate for the target compound achieves superior analysis results. LCMS-2020 offers APCI and DUIS in addition to ESI. Diverse ionization methods support a wide range of applications. Selecting the most appropriate Ionization Method Ionization Options Corona needle Corona needle Extremely suitable Analysis possible with appropriate parameters Inherently unsuitable While the water-soluble vitamins thiamine and riboflavin can be detected by ESI, they are virtually undetectable by...

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LCMS-2020 - 14

JQA-0376 Founded in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation, a leader in the development of advanced technologies, has a distinguished history of innovation built on the foundation of contributing to society through science and technology. We maintain a global network of sales, service, technical support and applications centers on six continents, and have established long-term relationships with a host of highly trained distributors located in over 100 countries. For information about Shimadzu, and to contact your local office, please visit our Web site at SHIMADZU CORPORATION....

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