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LCMS-8030 - 1

Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

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LCMS-8030 - 2

The Next Generation of Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry World-class LC performance combined with best-in-class MS detection Ultra Fast Mass Spectromet

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LCMS-8030 - 3

Ultra Fast LC performance With a pressure range up to 130 Mpa, high-speed injection, overlapping injection and highly efcient gradient mixing, Nexera™ UHPLC enables ultra-high speed and ultra-high resolution analysis. Forensic Electronics Chemistry Nano technology Environment Food Molecular imaging Life science Pharmaceuticals New energy Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS System The new triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS system combines Shimadzu’s world-leading LC performance with advanced mass spectrometry technologies to create a unique system approach to ultra fast mass spectrometry detection.

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LCMS-8030 - 4

Ultra Fast MS Speed System Integration Fastest multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transition times available today (dwell times of 1msec and pause times of 1msec) High speed multi-analyte detection with 500 MRM transitions in one second Unsurpassed polarity switching speed (polarity switching time of 15 msec) By bringing together the world’s highest performance LC system and the fastest triple quadrupole mass spectrometer available today, Shimadzu delivers a new approach to ultra fast mass spectrometry detection. Robust, simple and Ultra Fast. Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS System

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LCMS-8030 - 5

Speed Beyond Comparison

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LCMS-8030 - 6

Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry Detection Introducing the Next Generation of Triple Quadrupole Technology To provide best-in-class performance for Ultra Fast data acquisition rates in MS/MS detection, we have developed UFsweeper™ technology. This technology efficiently accelerates ions out of the collision cell, dramatically minimizing cross talk and shortening MRM analysis time to the lowest possible level. Simply put, the LCMS-8030 delivers higher data quality at higher data acquisition speeds. I Fusion of Ultra Fast MRM Acquisition and Ultra Fast Polarity Switching With high-resolution,...

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LCMS-8030 - 7

™ patent pending UFsweeper™ Technology Effectively Accelerates Ions Out of the Collision Cell UFsweeper™ is a unique technology created by Shimadzu that delivers unparalleled efficiency and speed. UFsweeper™ accelerates ions out of the collision cell by forming a pseudo-potential surface. The result is higher CID efficiency and Ultra Fast ion transport to reduce the sensitivity losses and cross-talk that are observed on other systems. Conventional design Ions lose momentum due to collision with gas. UFsweeper™ UFsweeper™ efficiently accelerates ions out of the collision cell without losing...

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LCMS-8030 - 8

Ultra Fast Ma ss Spectrometr y Detection Ultra Fast Speed Combined with Femtogram Detection Drawing on our groundbreaking research and hands-on experience, the LCMS-8030 has been designed to achieve outstanding performance quicker than ever before. Bringing together advanced ion acceleration technology and high-sensitivity detection systems, we have created one of the most advanced triple quadrupole mass spectrometry systems currently available. Delivering Results – Quickly and Accurately 3 Chromafenozide 10ng/mL in tomato 1400 analyses (47 hours) Internal standard %RSD 2.19% 2.5 Rel....

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LCMS-8030 - 9

UFsweeper ™ Technology Intensity 2.0 ×10 6 1.0 0.5 0 1.00 2.0 Intensity UFsweeper™ technology is a unique approach to accelerating MRM and ion fragmentation. Even at high-speed data acquisition rates, cross talk and background noise are eliminated. Verapamil 1 μg/mL m/z 455.2 >165.0 Pause Time 3msec Dwell Time 3msec 1.5 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.00 min ×10 6 Dummy transition m/z 700.0 >165.0 1.5 100 1.0 0 Below 0.003% 50 0.5 ×10,000 0 1.00 1.25 1.50 1.75 1.50 2.00 1.75 min min Detector UFsweeper™ collision cell Quadrupole rods Utilizing over 30 years experience in quadrupole research, development,...

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LCMS-8030 - 10

Ultra Fast Ma ss Spectrometr y Detection Simplicity The LCMS-8030 achieves best-in-class performance for ultra fast mass spectrometry detection and opens new opportunities for all application areas. Using LabSolutions software to optimize the power of the Nexera™ UHPLC and LCMS-8030 accelerates results, simply. Optimizing System Performance The LCMS-8030 heated ion source works with the most challenging samples, delivering robust, high-sensitivity detection using ESI, APCI or our dual probe ionization interface. System maintenance for the ion source is simplicity itself. Cleaning the heated...

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LCMS-8030 - 11

I Single-vendor Solution Provides Seamless Operation The combination of Shimadzu's LCMS-8030 and Nexera™ UHPLC brings together the latest hardware on a single platform for the next generation of Ultra Fast technology. The unified platform provides unmatched qualitative and quantitative ;^E^^^^^K3H» analysis, increased productivity, and accelerated workflows for high- throughput data analysis. Also, all software operations are handled seamlessly, reducing PC conflicts and the need for user intervention. MRM Synchronization optimizes MRM cycle times for overlapping retention time windows and...

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LCMS-8030 - 12

B e s t-i n- c l a s s Pe r f or m a nc e Nexera™ UHPLC Our unique approach to delivering high-quality, high-speed LC/MS/MS analysis is combining the Nexera™ UHPLC and LCMS-8030 as a seamlessly integrated system. The Combined Performance of Nexera™ and LCMS-8030 Reduces Analytical Cycle Times Nexera™ LCMS-8030 The fastest gradient cycle time and sample injection time (10 seconds for a single injection cycle) Eliminates carryover and background noise even with difficult samples Auto injection of internal standard is possible 1 msec dwell time and pause time 15 msec polarity switching speed...

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LCMS-8030 - 13

S p e c i fi c a t i o n s LCMS-8030 Model LCMS-8030 Mass range m/z 10 to 2000 Sensitivity Main unit ESI positive: 1 pg Reserpine, S/N>200 (RMS) Resolution ESI: 1 uL/min to 2 mL/min Scan speed Max 15,000 u/sec Polarity switching time 15 msec MRM transition speed Max 500 channels / sec Workstation LabSolutions LCMS Version 5.4 for LCMS-8030 Operation system Software R < 0.7 FWHM Applicable flow rate Windows 7 HPLC (Prominence and Nexera series) Instrument control LCMS-8030 and interface MS acquisition mode Scan (Max 512 events), SIM (Max 512 events x 32 channels) MRM (Max. 512 events x 32...

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