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C146-E074 Shimadzu Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer High Resolution High Accuracy High Throughput High Sensitivity High Resolution and High Accuracy DSR (Dual-Stage Reflectron) (Patent Pending) and BIE (Ballistic Ion Extraction) (Patent Pending) achieve high resolution (R>10,000) and high accuracy (5 ppm) in all modes: MS, MS/MS, and MS/MS/MS. High Throughput The highest-speed scanning performance of any hybrid MS for structural analysis: switching between the positive ion mode and negative ion mode in 0.1 sec. and 0.1 sec. spectrum measurement period. High Sensitivity Compressed Ion Injection (CII) (Patented) in the ion optical system efficiently introduces ions into the ion trap and achieves high MSn sensitivity.

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Hybrid LCMS Encapsulates Advanced Technologies Octopole Lens QIT Dual Stage Reflectron Compressed Ion Injection (CII) (Patented) in the ion optical system efficiently introduces the eluted component ions from the LC into the ion trap. MSn uses new cooling technology in QIT (Quadrupole Ion Trap) to achieve high efficiency. BIE (Ballistic Ion Extraction) (Patent Pending) achieves high resolution and sensitivity in all MS and MSn modes. DSR (Dual-Stage Reflectron) (Patent Pending) achieves high resolution by optimizing energy focusing and time focusing. ESI Ion Source 3-Stage Differential Pump...

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