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MALDI-7090 - 1

MALDI Mass Spectrometer l// ///XI /=AST flOASS SP^CTFfOMt- f fiV

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MALDI-7090 - 2

in MALDI TOF-TOF Design Q Unparalleled MS/MS resolution High mass accuracy Q Ultra fast solid-state UV laser Q True 2 kHz acquisition speed in MS and MS/MS mode Q Integrated 10 plate loader Unique UV laser source cleaning ® Multi-user software environment Q In-built security and auditing Speed Beyond Comparison

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MALDI-7090 - 3

The MultiPlex™ platform has been designed as a multi-user walk-up system offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency MultiPlex maximizes the efficient use of the MALDI-7090 through the combination of the integrated 10 plate loader, the 2 kHz ultra fast UV laser and the MALDI Solutions™ multi-user environment software. MultiPlex enables both manual investigation and fully automated high-throughput analyses accommodating all types of experiments from single spot investigation to even the longest multi-plate LC-MALDI separations. Furthermore, it is also compatible with the FlexiMass-SR™...

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MALDI-7090 - 4

Hyper-MS 2 ™ – a new stan combining core technologies pat ASDF™ – unparalleled MALDI TOF-TOF ion resolution ASDF – Axial Spatial Distribution Focussing is a patented Shimadzu technology that enables unparalleled resolution in MS/MS mode. Through correction of the axial spatial distribution of the ions generated, mass resolution is significantly increased and becomes essentially independent of the laser power and sample topography. With ASDF, the MALDI-7090 can achieve mass resolution in MS/MS of 10 000 FWHM – unobtainable through pulsed extraction alone. High- and low-energy fragmentation...

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MALDI-7090 - 5

dard in MS/MS acquisition, ented and exclusive to Shimadzu High resolution ion gate The MALDI-7090 is equipped with a dual wire Bradbury-Nielsen high resolution precursor ion gate. Compounds of similar nominal mass may produce fragment ion spectra that contain ions from both precursors. However the high resolution ion gate allows the individual gating of species close in nominal mass thus producing distinct fragment ion spectra. MS/MS low resolution ion gate peptide A + peptide B MS/MS high resolution ion gate peptide A only MALDI-7090 A New Dimension in MALDI TOF-TOF Design

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MALDI-7090 - 6

MALDI-7090 ultimate performance Hyper-MS 2 – post-translational modification analysis 1808.156 100 90 High-energy CID – lipid analysis O O High-energy CID fragment ions

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MALDI-7090 - 7

MALDI Solutions™ – a software suite delivering more for the multi-user environment • Define, acquire and view experiments from the MALDI-7090 • Create experiments and review results using MALDI Solutions on any computer on the user network • Collaborate and share results in completely new ways • Full data export to industry standards – imzML, mzML • Manual acquisition mode for full control of the instrument or full automation using the integrated 10 plate loader • Administrator-definable user-specific roles from simple acquisition to full control with method development, acquisition and...

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MALDI-7090 - 8

Founded in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation, a leader in the development of advanced technologies, has a distinguished history of innovation built on the foundation of contributing to society through science and technology. We maintain a global network of sales, service, technical support and applications centres on six continents, and have established long-term relationships with a host of highly trained distributors located in over 100 countries. For information about Shimadzu, and to contact your local office, please visit our web site at Kratos Analytical Ltd. Wharfside, Trafford Wharf Road,...

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