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MOC-120H - 1

Electronic Moisture Balance

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MOC-120H - 2

MOC-120H Accurate moisture measurement with new weight sensor Large sample pan allows even a large amount of sample to be placed evenly in a thin layer. The result is accurate and fast measurements. Mid-wave infrared quartz heater provides effective drying without interference for a wide range of samples. Besides the excellent drying performance, it offers a long operational life of 20,000 to 30,000 hours. Digital control allows a selection of measurement modes. 10 sets of measurement settings can be stored for quick recall. Select one of the 9 combinations of drying and halting modes to...

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MOC-120H - 3

Choice of measuring modes meets your application. Most samples which vaporize only moisture and cause no hazardous reaction under heating can be measured Ending modes Moisture vaporization over 30 seconds 30 sec Automatic ending Moisture vaporization the specified amount of time has elapsed. Moisture vaporization moisture loss over the previous 30 seconds becomes smaller than specified percentage. • Automatic ending modewhen Automatically ends measurement • Timed ending mode when Automatically ends measurement Different forms of samples can be measured. Alternate drying modes Predictive...

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MOC-120H - 4

Measuring method Heat drying and weight loss Minimum display in weighing Measurement range of moisture content Moisture content minimum display Sample capacity Measurement modes Automatic or Timed ending modes, Standard, Rapid, Slow and Step drying modes, Predictive Measuring mode Drying heater Mid-wave infrared quartz heater Setting temperature range 30 to 200°C by 1°C increments (Sample position temperature) AC Adapter for Electronic Printer 230 V GLP/GMP/ISO conforming calibration report can be produced. Intermediate status and final results of measurements can be printed out...

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