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Neonatal Mass Screening Software Management of Tandem Mass Screening Information Screening using a tandem mass spectrometer (LC/MS/MS) enables the simultaneous measurement of 20 or more indicator substances, such as amino acids and acylcarnitine, in a short time (approximately 1 minute). This makes it possible to screen for a number of diseases of interest at the same time. Since more than 100 screening samples are analyzed per day, the quantity of m easu remen t data is enormous; managing thi s d a t a i s imperative. Neonatal Solution easily analyzes an enormous amount of data from daily examinations. Furthermore, daily accuracy control functions enable reliable calculation of instrument accuracy based on trends. Features of Neonatal Solution • Capable of selecting the analysis targets and creating LabSolutions-compatible analysis methods Incorporates functions to calculate concentration values and area values for indicators from LC/MS/MS data files (can also calculate concentration ratios) By specifying criteria values for each indicator, compounds that exceed those values can be marked with color when output for easy identification Daily accuracy control using controlled samples Storing analysis results for control samples in a database ensures instrument accuracy by analyzing trends in the sto

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Analyze acquired data and perform daily accuracy control Analyze Data Data Analysis Activate Quality Results Windows Display Data File Names f a component exceeds the permittee "ange, a color will be assigned to the displayed data file name. Color Assigned Depending on Permitted ^ed: If the warning value is exceeded Yellow: If the caution value is exceeded The acquired data is analyzed in accordance with the configured analysis conditions. The analysis results can be output to an Excel file (or csv file), and then used for daily accuracy control after exporting them to a database. Accuracy...

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