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New TOC-L Features "We want a simple way to confirm the performance of the instrument," "We want to measure samples with a variety of properties." To meet such customer needs, new features have been added to TOC-L series instruments. Improved Support for Performing Instrument Validation * Va lid atio n me a n s confirming the performanc e of an instru m en t an d is es s en t ial f o r en s u r in g r eliab le m eas u r em en t r es u lt s . ■ Easily Create Schedules for Validation Measurements Quickly and easily create schedules for validation measurements using simple window operations, checking parameters such as sensitivity, linearity, and repeatability. Simply add a check mark next to the desired task, press OK and the sequence is automatically generated. ■ Compatible with the SSM-5000A Solid Sample Module TOC-L performance evaluations also extend to the SSM-5000A, which is used by pharmaceutical industry customers in cleaning validation. It evaluates the instrument's sensitivity, linearity, and repeatability. ■ Documentation Validation – Assured! Highly experienced field engineers provide support for sample measurements. They generate documents summarizing the evaluation records and provide validation documents in an electronic format fo

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TOC-L - 2

For Various Samples Measurements ■ Residual Inorganic Carbon Checks with Correction Functionality for NPOC Measurements (*1, *2) Because IC (Inorganic Carbon) is removed during NPOC (Non-Purgeable Organic Carbon) measurements, a wide range of samples can normally be measured using the instrument's default conditions. However, IC removal may be incomplete depending on the pH or other characteristics, and IC may inadvertently remain in some samples. When a user wishes to check the effectiveness of the IC removal treatment, and correct for the effect of any residual IC, the software will...

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