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TX/TXB/TW Series - 1

Electronic Balances TX/TXB/TW Series

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TX/TXB/TW Series - 2

TX/TW.► H^OD.DDg ► HZD.OOOg visible Wider applications ranging from smaller to larger objects funi Bloc Value with no compromise

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TX/TXB/TW Series - 3

on we ighing tasks ever Light, strong, high-quality design can be operated by batteries er that creates weighing Performance to allows quick weighing of smaller objects anywhere Creates weighing enjoyment

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TX/TXB/TW Series - 4

W Series Look, Touch T WindowsDirect Communication Function Only a cable is needed to send TX / TW weighing data to a computer TXB Send balance data to Excel or other Windows applications without any data communication software installation required. All you have to add is one RS-232C cable. By combining standard AutoPrint functions with typical spreadsheet functions, even difficult applications can be easily automated. If you’d like to use “WindowsDirect” with “Windows 7” ”Windows Vista”, or USB port, please contact to our distributors. Comparator function Compare samples to target values...

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TX/TXB/TW Series - 5

Easy Setting Best fit to weighing application Quickly adjust the desired ratio of stability and response for every application, even during measurement, with one-touch operation. Menu navigation keys are separated from weighing operation keys and arranged in a familiar 5-way navigation circle. Up, Down, Right, Left and Enter are the simple operational steps. New Touch-key Internal Calibration Press just two keys to calibrate the balance whenever calibration is necessary. Calibration is very fast, taking only 15 sec. Durable, high-performance aluminum alloy mass sensor The TX/TW series...

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TX/TXB/TW Series - 6

Specifications TX/TW series Model Minimum Display Operating Ambient Temperature (°C) Temperature Coefficient Sensitivity (ppm/ °C) (10–30°C) Main Body Dimensions (mm) approx. Power Requirements Minimum Display Operating Ambient Temperature (°C) Temperature Coefficient Sensitivity (ppm/ °C) (10–30°C) Pan Size (mm) Main Body Dimensions (mm) approx. Description Printer EP-90 RS-232C cable In-use protective cover In-use protective cover for display Power Requirements

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TX/TXB/TW Series - 7

Extremely capable, but easy to operate Dimensions TX series (large pan) TX/TW series (small pan) / TX/TXB/TW Series Electronic Balances

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