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UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

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Perfect for a Wide Variety of Applications S pe ctral eval u ati o n fu n c ti o n e na ble s unique pa ss/ f a il judgm e nt f or qua lit y co n tro l . D ur ing m e a s u remen ts , d ata c an b e aut om a t ica lly se nt t o E x ce l ® in r e a l t im e f or using mac ro s t o a ut om a t ica lly obt a in de sir e d val u es . Measures Slight Differences in Absorbance S ca la bilit y t o ne a r -inf r a r e d m e a suremen t. U lt ra-l o w s tray l i g h t en able s m e a sur e m e nt s dow n t o a bsor ba nce v a lue s of 8 Ab s . Enables Compliance with ER/ES Regulations and Stronger...

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Single monochromator UV-2600i Double monochromator UV-2700i Extensive Selection of Application Programs for a Wide Variety of Applications The functionality of the UV-2600i / 2700i can be freely expanded to suit the measurement objective. By accommodating a wealth of accessories, the system can address any user’s applications and a variety of situations. In addition, with intuitive operations, anyone can easily obtain the data required. UV-2600i UV-2700i Electricity, Electronics, and Optics High-level absorbance measurements for polarization films Hexavalent chromium quantitation...

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UV -VIS Spectrophotometer UV -2600i UV -2700i - 5

Electricity, Electronics, and Optics Band Gap Measurements for Semiconductors Window Glass Transmittance Measurements The diffuse reflection spectra for two types of semiconductors (red line: Two types of window glass were measured utilizing the ISR-2600Plus Culn0.5Ga0.5Se2, blue line: CulnSe2) used as solar cell materials have been integrating sphere. The sample shown by the red line is highly measured using the ISR-2600Plus integrating sphere. It is evident that the transparent to near-infrared light at 800 nm or more. absorption edge (position where the reflectance drops) differs...

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UV -VIS Spectrophotometer UV -2600i UV -2700i - 6

Single monochromator UV-2600i Scalability to near-infrared measurement A key feature of the UV-2600i single monochromator system is its measurement wavelength range. By using the optional ISR-2600Plus Integrating Sphere attachment, the measurement wavelength range can be extended from 220 nm to 1400 nm, significantly expanding its applications. Integrating Sphere Enables Measurements to 1400 nm Wider Measurement Wavelength Range The UV-2600i is also equipped with Shimadzu’s proprietary Lo-Ray-Ligh grade diffraction grating, which achieves high efficiency and low stray light levels. By...

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Tr ansm it t ance/ R ef l ec t anc e M eas ur em ent s of Mu l ti l a y e r D i e l e ctri c F i l m W h i l e V a ry i n g Angle of Inciden c e Us i ng Var i abl e Angl e M ea su re me n t U n i t fo r MP C - 2 6 0 0 A Incident angle Black: 0° Red: 5° Blue: 12° Green: 30° Violet: 45° Variable Angle Measurement Unit Incident angle Red: 5° Blue: 12° Green: 30° Violet: 45° These measurement results from a multilayer dielectric film show the transmittance on the left and reflectance on the right. The results confirm that varying the incident angle changes the center wavelength of transmitted...

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UV -VIS Spectrophotometer UV -2600i UV -2700i - 8

Lo-Ray-Ligh grade diffraction grating Achieves Ultra-Low Stray Light, Enabling 8 Abs Measurements Calibration Curve In the case of a device equipped with a general double monochroma6.0 tor, the absorbance that can be covered is about 5 to 6, but the UV-2700i offers a range to 8 Abs, with a transmittance value of 0.000001 % (1 part in 100 million). This system achieves high-level absorbance measurements with incomparable precision. In addition to measuring even high-concentration samples as is, eliminating the need to dilute samples, the system can be applied to evaluating the transmis- This...

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UV -VIS Spectrophotometer UV -2600i UV -2700i - 9

Double monochromator UV-2700i Measures Slight Differences in Absorbance Equipped with a double monochromator that achieves ultra-low stray light levels, the UV-2700i is optimal for measuring low transmittance samples, such as polarization films used for LCD panels. The UV-2700i is capable of 8 Abs measurements, and can make accurate transmittance measurements to 1 part in 100 million, accommodating a variety of sample measurements. With the rotating film holder (photograph below), two film Equipped with Shimadzu's Proprietary Lo-Ray-Ligh™ Grade Diffraction Grating samples can be set on the...

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UV -VIS Spectrophotometer UV -2600i UV -2700i - 10

Enables Compliance with ER/ES Regulations and Stronger Data Management LabSolutions™ UV-Vis Software Enables higher productivity and provides for a more convenient analytical environment. Setting Parameters From Measurement to Data Output Four separate measurement modes: spectral, quantitative, Data analysis and data output operations can be performed at the photometric, time-course, automatic measurement (optional) same time (simultaneously) as data measurement. Time spent enable measurements to be performed using intuitive outputting or analyzing data can also be reduced by simultaneously...

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Data Management Automatic Spectral Evaluation (Spectral Evaluation Function) By specifying various evaluation criteria for measurement results, ideal solutions for saving data in a database with sophisti- spectra judgments can be made automatically. cated security functionality and compliance with ER/ES-re- In addition to regular file management in folders on a PC, lated regulations are also available (optional LabSolutions DB UV-Vis and LabSolutions CS UV-Vis software). D at abas e M anagem ent Managing data in a database can prevent the overwriting or deletion of analysis data....

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UV -VIS Spectrophotometer UV -2600i UV -2700i - 12

Stronger Data Management Comprehensive Data Integrity Compliance The system enables full compliance with data integrity requirements, not only for chromatography equipment, but also UV-VIS spectrophotometers and other spectral analysis instruments. LabSolutions CS/DB UV-Vis provides compliance for regulations concerning electronic record keeping and electronic signatures required by FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulations stipulated by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (ER/ES regulations). Additionally, since the software supports laboratory networking, analytical results from...

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