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shimmer DISCOVERY IN MOTION KEY FEATURES o 3.5mm jack connector for 2 extra channels of analog or digital data capture o Dual channel GSR scientifically reliable data acquisition 0EEPROM storage device (on the GSR+ expansion boardjenables expansion board detection and identification as well as 2032 bytes of data storage available to user 0Validated for use in biomedical-oriented research applications o 4 digitally controlled measurement ranges which developers use to ensure accurate measurements across a variety of test subjects in real world deployments 0Open system with no proprietary connectors, extensible software and data format (INTRODUCTION Shimmer GSR+ provides connections and front-end amplifications for one channel of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) data acquisition (Electrodermal Resistance Measurement - EDR). Compatible with the Shimmer3 platform, the GSR+ also boasts an additional 3.5mm connector for 2 extra channels of analog or digital data capture. (product overview ) The Shimmer GSR+ unit addresses challenges of mobility and provides high quality, scientifically reliable data. The Shimmer GSR+ monitors skin conductance between 2 residual electrodes attached to 2 fingers on one hand. GSR+ unit is compatible with the Shimmer3 platform and can be applied to a variety of applications such as: 0Affective computing and cognitive factors o Connected/ digital health solutions ° Stress detection and analysis o Emotional engagement o Psychological arousal (excitement, mental effort, shock etc.) o Marketing research o Weight and nutrition management The 3.5mm jack 3V connector allows users to connect and power an external/third party device, supporting an extra 2 channels of analog or digital data acquisition. The GSR+ unit is compatible with the Shimmer3 platform and hardware. All development tools and enabling applications are compatible with the Shimmer3 platform.

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shimmer DISCOVERY IN MOTION Shimmer GSR+ Module TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1. Calculated specification assuming that on-board EEPROM Is Inactive and no external sensor Is attached and powered via the analog/digital input channels: exact value is subject to environmental and component variation 2. % Error is tabulated average across the measurement range 3. Calculated specification, exact value subject to environmental and component variation SUPPORTING APPLICATIONS Shimmer ConsensysPRO & ConsensysBASIC Software Synchronisation of Data : Consensys Software Shimmersensing LabVIEW Instrument...

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