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FALCO 202 EVO - 1


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FALCO 202 EVO - 2

FALCO 202 EVO TRANSPORT LUNG VENTILATOR Falco 202 Evo has been developed by Siare to revolutionate the treatment of the respiratory pathologies. It's a versatile ventilator combining an exceptional flexibility with high level technology, user friendly. Versatility Falco 202 Evo is able to offer a very wide range of therapeutic options, to perform a pressure and volume control ventilation guaranteed both with an invasive and non-invasive modality, able to meet all the respiratory needs of adults, children and new born patients (optional).Such a flexibility makes the Falco 202 Evo the best...

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FALCO 202 EVO - 3

Advantages The Falco 202 Evo allows the maximum effectiveness as far as security, compliance and rapidity of access are concerned: • Elegant design, solid and light at the same time (weight < 5,5 kgs) • Simple and intuitive user's interface • 9" colour and customizable display • Accurate and precise monitoring for an immediate feedback of patient's ventilation • Back-up battery for the transport • Wide storage of trends and events • Simple access to all the alarms and information on ventilation Vantaggi II Falco 202 Evo consente la massima efficacia in termini di sicurezza, conformita e...

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FALCO 202 EVO - 4

Code n" 06750/SB Stainless steel supporting arm for patient circuit. Code n° G00203001 Wall plate for rapid connection 10 G of stainless steel support (code G00214000). Code n°00326 Stand 5 wheels with ventilator support. Code n" M22142309 Bag for ventilator and accessories Code n° 00327 Stand 5 wheels and attachment for ventilator support. Code n" G00214000 Support for ventilator with protection band and bag for accessories, according to EN1789. ~ Code n° 10006/2 Pin index 2 It 02 cylinder Code n°10001/2 Italy 2 It. 02 cylinder. Code n°109006/CM Pin index 02 pressure reducer Code n°...

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