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fjSilbermann Medical Gas Systems Since 1950

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Complete & Customized Solution Over 7 decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing medical equipment yielded in a state-of-the-art Ceiling Supply System. Customized ceiling supply systems are designed to meet any need or specification, ensuring that the medical staff is able to operate in stressful environments swiftly & comfortably Silbermann is listed among the top pendants/booms manufacturers in the medical market today. The needs of each clinic or Hospital department are unique. These needs are derived from the designated equipment used for different medical...

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Ceiling Supply Systems Customized Solution: We work hand in hand with our customers to understand their requirements and limitations. Every project enables us to optimize our systems (Console size, arm length etc.) providing you with the desired solution that fulfills all the needs of a clinical workspace. Ergonomic Design: Ease of use, high precision positioning, and stability remaining completely reliable and safe, is possible through our quality engineering and innovative design. Integrated Solution: Our booms/ pendants include everything from heavy load shelves, medical outlets and...

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FAMILY PRODUCT Through 70 years of experience Silbermann has gained the deep knowledge and experience required for designing and commissioning surgery rooms. Our solution takes into mind this environment which requires different types of equipment to be utilized simultaneously, thus preserving a spacious and safe environment: Silbermann's high-precision positioning , stable and high-loading pendants are designed meticulousness to provide the medical staff with all its clinical needs and to accommodate every surgeon's preferences and every surgical specialty. Together with our custom...

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FAMILY PRODUCT Anaesthetic Booms We design & manufacture stationary pendants for anesthesia purposes and for small clinical spaces. These simple but yet efficient solution centralize the medical gas management, create a more orderly working environment by keeping cables, devices, and medical gas lines off the floor and ensure better access to the patient. Our multiple configurations for these purposes enable us to provide you with the best solution for your clinical needs. FAMILY PRODUCT Light Duty Arms One or two screens may be used due to specially designed yokes and adapters. This design...

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FAMILY PRODUCT Intensive Care Unit Booms Silbermann solution for the ICU is designed to ensure that the entire medical staff is able to operate in this stressful environment swiftly and comfortably. Liberating nurses from heavy workload and positioning at the point of use, provides an immediate approach to the patient. With our unique solution, equipment can be mounted from various sides of the Boom/Pendant ensuring optimal accessibility to the equipment and patient. FAMILY PRODUCT

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FAMILY PRODUCT Various clinical needs in different types of ICU's require flexible solutions. In case the patient room is too narrow for two booms. A combination of a power column and a pendant is an ideal solution . FAMILY PRODUCT The Silbermann Medical Bridge is especially designed to carry all of our different types of pendants with maximum stability. Medical gas outlets, electric & grounding sockets, nurse calls and communication are easily installed on either or both sides of the bridge profile. An ICU setup exchange of a wet and dry side, local & peripheral lighting and silent gliders...

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FAMILY PRODUCT Endoscopy Booms Endoscopy carts are designed with an embedded disadvantage for the lack of medical gas management and electric power supply. They are also less hygienic as they are moved between several rooms. Silbermann solution is designed to carry all the vast equipment required for this unit, providing an immediate approach to medical gas outlets and electric sockets, keeping stability and providing a hygienic environment through its smooth design.

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FAMILY PRODUCT Booms/Pendants Accessories Pendant Accessories ■ IV Poles ■ Shelves Secondary Equipment ■ Distilled Water/ Disinfection Liquid Holder ■ Suction Tube Management

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Silbermann. Medical Gas Systems Since 1950 Standards: Our high quality medical gas system products are designed to comply with the strictest international standards and directives. International Standards • NFPA99, ISO7396, G0-1 & HTM 02-01 where applicable. Quality Management System Standards • ISO 9001-2015 and EN ISO 13485-2016. • All Products are CE marked for medical device directive (93/42/EEC) by the German notified body TUV-SUD. SILBERMANN Technologies Ltd. Address: #5 Harakevet st. POB 4605, Petah-Tikva, 4900715, Israel Tel: +972-3-9309186 | Fax: +972-3-9315721 E-Mail:...

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