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CSilbermann Medical Gas Systems Since 1950

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Since 1950... When dealing with life support equipment, having a partner you can rely on, who stands at the forefront of medical technology and design, makes all the difference. At Silbermann, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing medical gas systems for three generations. Decades of experience and a global footprint make us the perfect partner for providing a complete and holistic turnkey solution for medical gas pipeline systems for any application; beginning with design, through to engineering, installation and integration. Life is precious! And that is exactly why we...

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Silbermann. Medical GasSystems Since 1950 Silbermann takes care of all your needs when it comes to medical gas systems. We walk hand in hand with our partners from the first stages of design through manufacturing and up to installation, training and maintenance. Silbermann offers a comprehensive range of innovative products and integrations, tailored to any hospital size and/or requirement. Our products cover the entire spectrum of medical gas systems, starting with main supply units through medical gas delivery systems and pipeline equipment and up to architectural products and secondary...

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One Area of Expertise, Many Areas of Application Silbermann offers a comprehensive range of innovative products and integrations, tailored to hospital size and requirement as well as incorporating the optimal medical gas systems including but not only Booms, Manifold systems Medical Gas Scheme ,Digital alarm systems, Power column, Outlets and Bed head units in any medical facility. All our products are smoothly interconnected to ensure that oxygen, medical air, vacuum and other medical gases are permanently available in every department and are safe to use. Silbermann prides itself in...

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FAMILY PRODUCT Booms/Pendants Silbermann is listed among the top pendants/ booms manufacturers in the medical market today. We design and manufacture booms/pendants for operating theatres, ICUs, Trauma centers and other areas in the medical field. For each use we carefully examine your needs and requirements and tailor design the booms/pendants to ensure a safe environment and smooth workflow for the medical staff. Our ceiling booms/pendants offer a high level of quality engineering, liberating nurses from heavy workload and ensuring the entire medical staff is able to operate in a...

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FAMILY PRODUCT Medical Gas Pipeline Systems Silbermann Medical Gas Pipeline products are installed and have been operating in thousands of hospitals worldwide for more than 6 decades. We design and manufacture our products to last and to ensure continuous and uninterrupted gas flow to the facility. Our medical gas pipeline products include automatic manifold systems, alarm systems, zone valves boxes, line valves and gas outlets of various types/standards. We tailor design our products with any specification, taking into mind demands deriving from medical standards facilitating installation...

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Silbermann. Medical GasSystems Since 1950 FAMILY PRODUCT Oxygen & Suction Therapy Equipment When it comes to medical gas, Oxygen & Suction Therapy Equipment is the last station before interacting with the patient. This is where our equipment meets the patient and the medical staff on a daily basis. Long lasting, durability and ease of use are key factors in our design of secondary equipment & accessories and are achieved through quality engineering and rigorous testing procedures. We provide a large range of secondary equipment and accessories for our customers. Vacuum Regulators...

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Silbermann. Medical Gas Systems Since 1950 Standards: Our high quality medical gas system products are designed to comply with the strictest international standards and directives. International Standards • NFPA99, ISO7396, G0-1 & HTM 02-01 where applicable. Quality Management System Standards • ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 13485-2016. • All Products are CE marked for medical device directive (93/42/EEC) by the German notified body TUV-SUD. SILBERMANN Technologies Ltd. Address; #5 Harakevet st. POB 4605, Petah-Tikva, 4900715, Israel Tel; +972-3-9309186 | Fax; +972-3-9315721 E-Mail;...

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