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STATE • OF • THE • ART perio treatment protocol ULTRASONIC SCALING • Air polishing • Periodontal treatment • Endodontic treatment • Restoration preparation • Implant maintenance AIR POLISHING • Realize both supragingival and subgingival scaling • 12 levels of water volume and power adjustment for precise treatment • 4 temperature settings for added comfort • 4 functions: - Periodontal treatment - Endodontic treatment - Cavity preparation - Implant maintenance To offer a one-stop ultrasonic solution SYSTEM SETTING • Central processing interface • Multiple mode se

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ONE•OF•KIND POWDER TANK FEATURES INNOVATIVE AIR INTAKE / EXHAUST SYSTEM • Industry-leading concentric air intake / exhaust system • Improve airflow consistency • More uniform powder output FUNNEL- SHAPED DESIGN • Centrosymmetric funnel-shaped structure • Aerodynamic simulation design • More stable powder output • More efficient scaling FULLY-TRANSPARENT BODY • Fine scales, double-sided notations • Transparent tank body allows real-time observation of powder flow and its remaining amount EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION • Plug-in powder tank can be installed at any angle • 360° rotatable for added...

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ADVANCED HANDPIECE DESIGN All-metal and light handpiece for added durability and comfort OUTER: WATER Provide protection and warm water flushing, gathering and adjusting INNER: COMPRESSED AIR + POWDER Remove pigments, plaque, soft dirt and early calculus THREE-SECTION DETACHABLE HANDPIECE easy for unclogging and cleaning • Less hard than enamel, more elastic and comfortable • Tip that guarantees accurate work without compromising the integrity and structure of the tooth

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SUPRAGINGIVAL HANDPIECE • 0.7 mm small caliber nozzle, more concentrated air polishing, more efficient scaling • High concentricity of air-water path wraps powder with water, minimizing powder scattering • Fluid dynamics simulation design enables soft energy release • No damage to soft tissue, nor scratch the tooth surface SUBGINGIVAL HANDPIECE • Exclusive nozzle allows three-hole powder output and one-hole water output • Ensure the proper mixing ratio of water, air, and powder, achieving thorough biofilm removal • Made of polymer material, 360° rotatable and bendable, flexible to operate •...

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ONE-STOP ULTRASONIC ENDO G8 • With its high-efficiency ultrasonic conductivity and special design, this tip can effectively remove difficult-to-remove restorations using ultrasonic technique. E12D • Diamond-coated ball tip for removing foreign objects from the pulp chamber, which is safe, precise and efficient to locate calcified root canal orifice. E3D • For removal of calcified debris, bad fillings and suspensions in the pulp chamber. Can also enlarge the canal wall where a broken file is located for easy retrieval. E15 • For removal of post, broken file, filling debris, etc. in the upper...

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FEATURES HD SCREEN FOR CLEAR DISPLAY 1280 x 720 HD 5.5” touch screen display AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION OF SCALING MODE MULTIFUNCTIONAL WIRELESS FOOT DUAL PEDAL • Bluetooth 5.0 connection for super fast response, USB rechargeable • Enable 72h continuous work when fully charged. • Dual foot pedals for worry-free power supply. • Versatile and convenient operation DUAL WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMS • System 1: External water supply • System 2: Two water bottles (600ml, 1400ml), can hold specific solutions such as chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, etc. • The clear scales on the bottle...

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CONF IGUR ATION dental unit THE HYGIENE MODULE IS INSTALLED DIRECTLY ON THE DENTAL UNIT ARM The Hygiene module is mounted directly on the dental unit, on the arm where usually the instrument tray is installed. s&s Hygiene dental unit is provided with a standard configuration, but can be customized with various optionals, according to the doctor’s needs.

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CONF IGUR ATION equipped with PT-B HYGIENE MODULE Made by Guilin Woodpecker The Hygiene module is mounted directly on the dental unit and it includes: • 2 Scaler handpieces • 1 Supragingival whitening handpiece AP-1 • 1 Subgingival whitening handpiece AP-2 • 10 Subgingival perio tips • Double powder dispenser • Double H2O dispenser: 600 ml - 1400 ml • 2 sterilisation boxes (air prophy and scaler handpiece) • 2 torque spanners • Multifunctional foot pedal • Mix of 14 (EMS® compatible) ultrasonic tips (10 titanium + 2 implant cleaning + 2 endo) • 1 bicarbonate powder • 1 glycine powder...

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CONF IGUR ATION equipped with WATER UNIT CERAMIC SPITTOON GLASS SPITTOON The choice of the spittoon bowl is up to you: the dark glass spittoon bowl is removable to simplify the cleaning operation, The ceramic one is not removable. ECO LED PEBBLE LAMP Equipped with sensor for intensity regulation. The instensity of this lamp can reach 30.000 lux. Easy to clean and with a pleasant design, this lamp is the perfect example of excellent value for money.

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CONF IGUR ATION INDEPENDENT cart-mounted THE HYGIENE MODULE IS MOUNTED ON ITS OWN CART AND CONNECTED TO AIR, WATER AND ELECTRICITY. This solution is perfect if you already have a dental unit and you want to add only the Hygiene module, or if you have different dental chairs in your clinic and need to move the Hygiene module from one dental chair to another one.

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CONF IGUR ATION connected to denta l unit THE HYGIENE MODULE IS MOUNTED ON ITS OWN CART AND CONNECTED TO ONE OF OUR DENTAL UNITS The connections are possible by means of rapid couplings for air and water and can be connected to 220V. Available with all our dental units models: one, kiss and italo.

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CUS your TOM dental I Z E unit

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EXPRESS YOURSELF Our dental units can be equipped, according to your needs, with the addition of many options. find the best solution in any situation. The internal simplicity of the machine remains the same but, following your requests, we can customize your unit in order to make it perfect for you! We have a special team which can fulfill those requests that lie outside the standard production process. Therefore it is possible to adjust ergonomic and functional aspects of the unit according to your requests. Your experience and feedbacks help us to constantly improve our unit and If you...

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