CoreDish® M970 Series


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CoreDish® M970 Series - 1

M970 Series Eliminate transcription error. Complete only 1 identification label instead of 12 ! The Multiple Biopsy Containers Requires only 30ml of Formaldehyde instead of 120ml. 12 specimens in 1 leakproof container. Only one leakproof closure to open and close, not 12. A fail proof concept, placing the biopsy in the proper compartment to guarantee no mix up or error. This design prevents any tissue from migrating from one compartment to another. Almost 50% less plastic than 12 containers. If you REALLY care about your biopsies, let us help you FACILITATE their handling! Prefiled with 10% formalin or without

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CoreDish® M970 Series - 2

Protect Tissue Integrity: All-in-one system eliminating excessive handling of delicate biopsy specimens. The Simport® CoreDish® is a multi-compartment leakproof container in the shape of a dish for holding and transporting biopsies. Its closure is equipped with a silicone o-ring ensuring total protection of contents. The Simport® CoreDish® measures only 15 x 95 mm in diameter. Each compartment is clearly identified to allow proper placement and visualization of the biopsy being inserted. Thanks to the CoreDish® it is no longer necessary to identify and use a multitude of individual...

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