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MicrewLock™ T340 Collection - 1

Canadian and Family Owned Since 197/5

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MicrewLock™ T340 Collection - 2

For your peace of mind A new era in sample protection Made of polypropylene At last, a TAMPER EVIDENT microcentrifuge tube incorporating all the features and benefits of the Simport® MICREWTUBE® Family. Ideal for all applications requiring a tamper evident seal, a Simport® tamperproof MICREWTUBE® also has a multitude of benefits when used in your lab. It is ideal for freezer storage, boiling applications, centrifugation etc... and will fit most standard microcentrifuge rotors. Simply screw the cap on the tube and the tamper evident sealing ring is automatically in place. When unscrewed, the...

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MicrewLock™ T340 Collection - 3

T341TP Tamper Evident Micrewtube® (tube only) Made of polypropylene These tubes are specially made to be used with tamperproof caps. Available in plain or graduated configuration, the latter being provided with a white marking area for sample identification. Can be used at extreme temperatures from -196 °C to +121 °C. Maximum centrifugation RCF: 20,000 g. (conical bottom tubes only) Dimensions: 44 mm H x 11 mm dia. For applications needing the utmost security where sample integrity is of high importance lllllllllllllllllllllllll 1783278379 Bar Code printing available. Contact Simport® for...

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MicrewLock™ T340 Collection - 4

Anatomy of a Tamper If you TRULY care about your sample, Evident Micrewtube® let us help you PROTECT its integrity! Available with specially designed economical silicone washer for a more secure and positive leakproof seal Cap and tube are made of autoclavable polypropylene Innovative tamper-evident locking ring for better protection of contents Super fast 1 1/4 turn thread design Excellent clarity makes sample easy to see The sample remains secure thanks to the sealing ring enclosed on all four of its sides As the cap is tightened, the sealing ring is compressed and tries to find a gap to...

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