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Since 1975 fizmi/y aumzxl ^ancu/iam, cozn^vaxiy Contributing to the Evolution of Disposable Laboratory Plasticware for over 43 Years

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NEW PRODUCTS and many more! ! er o m y n a m d n a S T C U D O R P W E N ! er o m y n a m d n a S T C U D O R P W E N Pages 150-153

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Simport Product Catalogue - 7

INTRODUCING THE NEXT GENERATION OF 24-HR URINE COLLECTION CONTAINERS Biodegradable is now available for the laboratory. Make it your choice and protect your environment. B350ECO 24-Hr Urine collection container The Simport® EcoTainer 24™ will biodegrade to become some of the soil’s organic components in less than 7 years, instead of up to 400 years when using conventional plastics. The Simport® URISAFE®, one of the most innovative 24-HR Urine Containers on the market today, is now available in a new version: The EcoTainer 24™, a rapidly degradable URISAFE® Container. Plastics take hundreds...

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Simport Product Catalogue - 8

Containers Uniquely designed to be the most user friendly C€ 24-HR URINE COLLECTION CONTAINERContainer made of high-density Cap made of polypropylene FOR IVD USE The innovative cap: • Snap valve pouring spout incorporated • Leakproof: a cap liner ensures safe sample transport The unique snap valve pour spout: • Easily popped open or pushed shut • Offers dripless pouring • Controlled flow rate for better handling of poured volumes • Reduced risks of aerosol contamination when pouring • Eliminates splashing and exposure to hazardous body fluids Low form design: • Convenient refrigerator...

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Simport Product Catalogue - 9

Containers Simport B 24-HR URINE COLLECTION CONTAINER Container made of high-density polyethylene Cap made of polypropylene This more conventional style urine bottle is available in 2 sizes: 2.5 L and 3.5 L. However, it incorporates some of the great features of the URISAFE® 24-Hr Urine Collection Container. The innovative cap: • Snap valve pouring spout incorporated • Leakproof: a cap liner ensures safe sample transport The unique snap valve pour spout: • Easily popped open or pushed shut • Offers dripless pouring • Controlled flow rate for better handling of poured volumes • Reduced risks...

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Simport Product Catalogue - 10

Simport Containers UriFlex™ 24-hour urine collection bag Exterior made of PET interior made of PE Easy to store the collection bag is flat when empty. When in use, the free-standing design stays upright and is stable, requiring minimal space in a refrigerator. Drastically reduce transportation and storage cost Cat. # Description Vol. (L) Qty/Cs Dimensions: - Empty: 33 cm x 26.5 cm H. - Full (approximate) : 29 cm x 16 cm x 25 cm H. • 50 mm wide opening • Tare weight of 64 g (± 1 g) • No graduations, liquid volume must be determined by weight

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Simport Product Catalogue - 11

A very discreet way to use and carry your sample Dripless pouring with controlled flow Rotating pour spout Reduces the amount of waste when compared to rigid containers Polypropylene closure and Polyethylene spout Large handle Collection bag with 4 liters capacity The bag is made of UV resistant materials, which makes it appropriate for testing light-sensitive analytes Strong, thick co-extruded laminated plastic film that will not rip, tear or wrinkle even under heavy weight or stress. Gusset bottom panel allows the bag to stay in self-standing position when full Anatomically contoured funnel...

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Simport Product Catalogue - 12

Dishes Antistatic Weighing Dishes D250 Antistatic Weighing Dishes Made of antistatic polystyrene Simport'® Weighing Dishes will resist diluted acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases. They are ideal for many applications such as weighing, dispensing or storing. They are safe, contaminant-free, biologically inert economical containers for weighing liquid or powdered samples in the laboratory. Flat bottom ensures perfect stability on countertops. They have a smooth surface providing accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss and facilitating weighing of static-affected samples. Simport®...

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Simport Product Catalogue - 13

Q Simport | B352 Specimen Bottle Made of polypropylene Features a dip-stick well for small volume testing and a pour spout for dripless pouring. Its square base makes it very stable. Can be autoclaved. Also useful as a drosophila stock bottle. Graduated from 0 to 170 ml and from 0 to 6 oz. Snap cap supplied separately (see B352-1). Cat. # Vol. (ml) Size (mm) Neck dia. Qty/Cs B352 170 55 x 55 x 102 H 34 mm 500 B352-1 Snap Cap for B352 Specimen Bottle Made of polyethylene Cat. # Size Dia. Qty/Cs B700 TRICORN™ Beakers Made of polypropylene Tricorn™ beakers provide three dripless pouring...

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Simport Product Catalogue - 14

B720-13 & 16 SeraNest™ Sample Cups Made of polystyrene These sample cups will hold perfectly on top of blood collection tubes. Just pour the blood sample into a SeraNest™ and its low shoulder will hold securely on the tube. No need to relabel. Two sizes available. B720-8 Analyzer Cups for Hitachi Systems Made of polystyrene B720-40 Fibrin Cups Made of polyethylene Precision molded for constant volume and uniform heat transfer. Cat. # Dia. Volume Qty/Bag Qty/Cs SeraNest™ will hold securely on top of blood collection tubes. B721-1 Roche Cobas Sample Tube 2.5 ml Made of polystyrene This tube...

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Simport Product Catalogue - 15

C200G SputEm™ Sputum Collection System Made of polypropylene The ideal way to collect, carry and process biological samples. The unit features a base which already incorporates a removable sterile 50 ml graduated polypropylene conical tube that can withstand centrifugation up to 5000 RPM, or 3000 x g. Available in a light green color, three narrow vertical windows allow the contents of the tube to be discreetly seen. A wide base ensures great stability and prevents tipping of the unit. The large collection funnel is made in such a way that specimens fall directly into the graduated...

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Simport Product Catalogue - 16

The SpecTainer and SecureTainer Collections ™ If you TRULY care about your sample, let us help you PROTECT its integrity! Simport® has discovered a solution to this problem and we are proud to announce the arrival of our SpecTainer™ and SecureTainer™ series. We offer you the most diverse choice of secure and reliable containers from 20 to 120 ml, including a unique ECO-friendly model biodegrading within 7 years instead of 4 centuries. Urine containers are also available in a sterile and non sterile version. And let’s not forget our two unique versions of tamper evident designs ensuring your...

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