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SnapTwist™ Micrewtube® SAVE TIME with a push-on twist-open microcentrifuge tube NO MORE SCREW CAPS to screw on and off JUST PUSH on the cap and voilà, tube is securily sealed TWO TYPES OF CAPS available This revolutionary cap design is as tight and efficient as a screw cap with o-ring thanks to a deep internal lip. Readily usable for all routine lab applications including vortexing, centrifugation, freezing and gentle heating*. Push with your thumb to close, and turn just ¼ turn to open. No tightening required. Caps are available separately in many colors as well as with an attachment loop. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself. Samples available on request. T342-XT Offered plain, skirted or conical bottom and non sterile. PUSH CAP DOWN FOR A SECURE SEAL T343XLS Caps without loop * Not suitable for extended hard boiling. 2588 Bernard-Pilon Beloeil, Quebec J3G 4S5 Canada ¼ TURN FAST REMOVAL

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