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M473 T-SueTM Microarray Molds Molds made of silicone View many different samples on the same slide Process up to 170 specimens onto one slide Easily stored in a drawer Can be reused hundreds of times without losing its flexibility Withstands temperatures from -100 °C to +250 °C Tissue Microarray (TMA) is a technique enabling tissues from many donor blocks to be arrayed on a single slide. The array mold is specifically designed to be simple, easy to use and inexpensive. Tissues can be analyzed in the same conditions enhancing the efficiency of the research. Array Mold Core Cat. # Cores Ø...

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T-Sue™Microarray Collection - 3

M473PC Precast T-Sue™ Paraffin Blocks Blocks made of paraffin Cassettes made of acetal Simport® offers a series of precast T-Sue™ Microarray paraffin blocks for constructing tissue arrays without the need of specialized equipment. With a T-Sue™ Microarray Paraffin Block Kit, one can construct a tissue array block in minutes, simply by punching the donor tissue cores and inserting them into the pre-made paraffin recipient block. It's easy, fast and no specific technical training or experience is needed. It is the easiest, most convenient and less expensive kit available for constructing...

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T-Sue™Microarray Collection - 4

ANATOMY OF A T-SUE™ MICROARRAY MOLD One inside wall corner at 45 degree angle, facilitating orientation. One inside wall corner at 45 degree angle, facilitating orientation. v One inside wall corner at 45 Molds made of silicone Choice of seven microarray molds offering 15 to 170 cores Temperature resistant up to +250 °C Can be reused hundreds of times Flexible for easy removal of recipient block Easy positioning of cassette BENEFITS OF A PRECAST T-SUE™ PARAFFIN RECIPIENT BLOCK • • • • • No special training or experience needed Ready to accept cores from donor blocks Choice of seven paraffin...

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T-Sue™Microarray Collection - 5

The Simport T-SueTM Microarray Mold Kits Instructions for use Place the T-Sue™ Array mold in an oven for 30 minutes at 70 °C to 80 °C. Slowly dispense liquid paraffin (60 °C to 65 °C) until the top of core rods are fully submerged. If bubbles are formed, remove them with a pair of heated forceps. For recommended paraffin, most histologists prefer using Paraplast X-Tra®. Others use Formula “R”™ Paraffin or Blue Ribbon™ from Leica Biosystems. These sticky paraffins will help cores adhere better then harder ones in the recipient block. Position a cassette on the mold. Inside wall at 45 degree...

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T-Sue™Microarray Collection - 6

Trim paraffin around the edges of the recipient block. Extract the marked tissue from the donor block by using the appropriate T-Sue™ punch needle. By slowly pushing on the T-Sue™ punch needle plunger , deliver the extracted tissue into the corresponding hole of the recipient block. Then, gently push in all the tissue cores to ensure evenness for microtomy. Place the recipient block on a glass slide (facing down) and incubate the block at 37 °C to 45 °C for 3 hours up to overnight. The delivered cores will adhere to their respective holes in the recipient block. Do not pull the slide from...

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