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Canadi and Family Owned Since 19 If you TRULY care about your sample, let us help you PROTECT its integrity! Canadi and Family Owned Since 19

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T550& T552Self-Standing Non Sterile Transport Tubes T552-5ATTP 5 ml Tubes made of polypropylene / Caps made of polyethylene Designed for storage and transportation of biological material. Manufactured from non-toxic polypropylene, tubes provide strength and clarity and exhibit some unique design features. Five sizes are available from 5 to 30 ml. The T550-10ATPR tube has a white marking area to make sample identification more convenient. All graduated tubes are in 0.5 ml increments. They have external threads to provide a smooth and uniform inner surface. A perfect leakproof seal is...

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Transport Tubes T550 Collection - 3

T552TP Tamper Evident Self-Standing Non Sterile Transport Tubes Tubes made of polypropylene / Caps made of polyethylene At last, a tamper evident sample and transport tube design, incorporating all the features and benefits of the Simport® sample tube family. They are ideal for all applications requiring a tamper evident seal in order to guarantee the utmost security and where sample integrity is of high importance: • As a safer transport tube • For secure short and long term storage • In clinical trials • As a perfect vial for containing expensive reagents in diagnostic kits These unique...

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Urinanalysis Specimen Collection Tubes with Boric Acid Tablet Tubes made of polypropylene / Casp made of polyethylene Simport® Urinanalysis Specimen Collection Tubes have a conical bottom to facilitate sample removal. Their design offers a skirted free-standing base. These graduated tubes contain a 75 mg tablet of boric acid in order to preserve urine specimens for up to 72 hours without refrigeration. Offered in two popular sizes. Amber color tubes are available for light sensitive specimens. A white leakproof screw cap is supplied on each tube along with a fill line label. Sterile. Cat. #...

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