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CentraLineMan® System Part #: Price: Size: Weight: CentraLineMan is the medical education community’s premier Central Vascular Catheterization training solution. This trainer utilizes the same patented technology as the highly acclaimed TraumaMan System and allows medical professionals to train using a landmark driven approach or real-time ultrasound guidance during catheter placement. Skill Development: » Central Vascular Catheterization, using Subclavian, Supraclavicular, and Internal Jugular (both anterior and posterior) approaches Using ultrasound guidance during catheter placement Palpating anatomic landmarks significant to the procedure Anatomically correct human torso with landmarks Differentiates arterial and venous blood to show positive or negative results Self sealing veins and skin for multiple cannulations Replaceable tissue sets allow for multiple uses Arterial pulse and proper landmarks are present to help avoid and detect errors Ultrasound compatible for guidance during needle placement Venous pressure regulator allows for easy simulation of low pressure complications Product Components: » » » » » CentraLineMan Torso (CLM-32) Replaceable Tissue (CLMT-40) Venous Pressure Regulator (CLP-1001) Pulse - Hand Pump (CLP-1008) Vessel Filling Port (CLP-1003) Fill Line (CLP-1004) Carrying Case (CLP-1007) User’s Guide (CLP-1009) Blue Simulated Venous Fluid (MV-16) Red Simulated Arterial Fluid (MA-16) 1600 West Armory Way | Seattle, Washington 98119 | USA F (253) 681-7667 E info@simulab.com

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