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Cholecystectomy Model Part #: Price: Size: Weight: This procedural training module is designed for the dissection and removal of the gall bladder. The model is designed to fit inside any of Simulab’s pelvic trainers for laparoscopic or open procedural training (see list of compatible housing below). The anatomical durable plastic bed includes visual landmarks for the liver, fundis, omentum and duodenum. The model is designed to allow each student to complete the procedure on a replaceable gallbladder. The replaceable gallbladders include soft tissue gallbladders filled with bile, cystic duct, stones, common bile duct, cystic artery and connective tissue. Replaceable gallbladders (LC-20) sold separately. Skill Development: » Complete procedural training for removal of gallbladder Anatomically correct with landmarks Fluid filled gallbladder, duct, and artery Replaceable gallbladder to allow each student to practice the entire procedure Easily fits into multiple laparoscopic trainers Compatible Laparoscopic Trainers: » » » » LapTrainer with SimuVision (LTS-40) Pop-up Trainer (SPT-20) Pop-up Trainer with Scope Holder (SPT-30) Torso Trainer (ST-10) 1600 West Armory Way | Seattle, Washington 98119 | USA F (253) 681-7667 E

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