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Deluxe BOSS Starter Package Part #: Price: Size: Weight: This package includes a BOSS platform (BOSS-20), a Student Tissue Pack (BTP-10), a Suturing Instrument Kit (SIK-10), a Suturing Curriculum DVD, the Adjustable Tissue Tray (ATT-10), and an additional Subcuticular Suturing Model (SCS-10) and it’s only $544.50 - a $84.50 savings! Skill Development: »» »» »» »» »» »» Basic and advanced suturing skills Suturing on a skin surface Subcuticular suturing Deep wound closure Administering injections Bowel anastomosis Durable multi-use platform can be used with any combination of materials Ergonomic design ensures correct hand positioning Small, portable platform perfect for simulation lab or home use Provides a variety of tissue materials on which to practice basic surgical tasks Student Tissue Pack Components: »» »» »» »» »» Subcuticular Suturing Model Complex Tissue Model Simulated Large Intestine Tissue Suture Pad Injectable Tissue Pad Scalpel Straight Hemostats Forceps Scissors Sutures 1600 West Armory Way | Seattle, Washington 98119 | USA F (253) 681-7667 E

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