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Primelase - 1

H A I R R E M O VA L ( H R ) The platform allows the elimination of hair on every phototype all year round. IN EVERY SHOT WAVELENGTHS VA S C U L A R L E S I O N S ( V L ) Maximum precision and speed in the treatment of facial and corporal telangiectasias, venous lakes, spider veins, cherry angiomas, facial erythosis and red scars. * Available in certain markets. For more information contact your sales representative. Thanks to its high power, in a single session you will get excellent results in the treatment of solar or senile lentigines by selective photothermolysis. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS MAXIMUM POWER Pulsed Diode - Direct via quartz prism. ACNE (AC) The wavelengths of the Yag and Blend hand pieces are highly effective in damaging the skin’s sebaceous glands and stopping the bacteria responsible for the infection. MAXIMUM SPEED Power: single-phase network 100 – 240 VAC. / 50 – 60 Hz. Maximum energy: 300 J. Operating modes: Static 1/2/3 Hz. – Dynamic: 5-10 Hz. Pulse duration: 3-400 ms. REGULATION MDD Directive: Class llb IEC Classification IEC60825-1: Class IV LASER IEC Classification IEC60601-1: Class I, type B Marking: CE0051 (except for SR treatment) - Warranty: 1 year PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS It reduces the effects of photoaging, stimulates the creation of new collagen and induces skin tightening. PIGMENTED LESIONS Dimensions: 1140 x 480 x 550 mm. Weight: 75 kg. Graphical interface: 10.4-inch touch screen Working range: 18-30ºC

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Primelase - 2

4.800W One of the most powerful lasers in the market offering high precision and efficiency. This high power delivers very short pulses and high repetition rate for fast treatments and unparalleled results. DR. IZASKUN A S T O R E C A N AV E R Á N BIOLASER CLINIC Ensure the maximum versatility on all skin conditions. Make the most of targeting all phototypes, even the darkest. Primelase automatically selects the shortest pulse for each condition and treatment selected. For hair removal, the short pulses allow the optimal temperature to be reached that damages the hair follicle without...

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