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Professional products for fitness, wellness, healthy sitting and Professional information sleeping & Pilates training

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SISSEL® Wordwide SISSEL® Sales Tools TENSION-FREE SLEEP SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Soft SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Soft Plus SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Classic SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Plus SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Deluxe SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Bambini SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Travel Cover SISSEL® Palea SISSEL® Panicore SISSEL® Buchi® SISSEL® Buchi Soft SISSEL® Venosoft® SISSEL® Medi Support SISSEL® Mattress Overlay SISSEL® Comfort Temp-Control® Orthopedic Pillow Temp-Control® Mattress HEALTHY SITTING SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL® SISSEL®...

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SISSEL WORLDWIDE – A PHILOSOPHY FROM SWEDE The story began in Sweden more than 25 years ago with an ortho- Now, we are one of the leading suppliers of healthcare solutions in Europe. pedic pillow… which has successfully captured the world market. More than 500,000 therapists, healthcare specialists and professionals as well as millions of consumers trust in our products, more than two thirds In 1986, Swedish entrepreneur Carl-Emil Christensen and his wife Sissel of which are still manufactured in Europe (mainly Sweden and Germany). set about looking for a natural, effective way to fight...

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25 years of SISSEL® quality „The natural way“ “ e Trust in the "SISSEL® warranty" we give you on the entire SISSEL® product range: • 25 years of experience, which sets standards • naturally healthy functioning of SISSEL® products • 5 years guarantee on shape retention of all SISSEL® neck pillows EL • high-quality manufacturing, highest quality standards • environmentally friendly production, predominantly in Europe (Sweden and Germany) • selected, sustainable materials • continuous quality control, maximum innovation SISSEL® worldwide FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT SISSEL® HEALTHCARE,...

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PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION - WITH SISSEL® Leave a lasting impression on your customers and show what you have to offer! With the SISSEL® marketing concept you increase your sales and your image. Profit from our vast pool of attractive, ready-to-use advertising and marketing tools in a natural Swedish layout: catalogs, posters, banners, displays, customer and product brochures generate interest and boost sales. Moreover, almost all SISSEL® products are delivered in an eye-catching, four-color packaging with description in 8 languages and EAN code. A perfectly matched marketing concept for...

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SISSEL® SALES TOOLS This is how your SISSEL® Shop could look like: CREATE YOUR SISSEL SALES ROOM! We are also happy to assist you in your sales room or shop window decoration with attractive sales tools in a natural Swedish design. Sales displays, poster, brochures and packaging generate your customers’ interest, boost your sales p success and strengthen your positioning in the healthcare market. Convey your professional expertise - with SISSEL® products which literally "move" the consumer. A perfect eye-catcher: The SISSEL® SITFIT® Plus promotion chair! You can find more information about...

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TENSION-FREE SLEEP ! Neck problems and transferred neck pain Extract from a study by Hugh Smythe, MD, University of Toronto crux Pains coming from the neck are frequent. However, most of them are misdiagnosed as the symptoms are perceived somewhere else. Due to thrust and pressure forces in the lower cervical spinal column, the pain is transmitted resulting in the brain drawing false conclusion concerning the localisation of the injury. Repeated damages, espep cially while sleeping, delay the recovery. An effective treatment requires reliable support of the lower w cervical spinal column...

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Now also available in medium size! SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Soft Gentle sleep and soft support! • combines the advantages of the millionfold proven classical SISSEL® shape with the benefits of visco-elastic foam • the increased isolated pressure distribution together with slightly reduced support or correction intensity makes it the ideal pillow for sensitive neck patients • due to its delayed elasticity effect, the pillow slowly adjusts f to any shape • no matter how head and shoulders turn at night, your spine is always softly supported t • made from visco-elastic foam • with ivory...

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TENSION-FREE SLEEP SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Classic Our standard orthopedic neck pillow! • size M: approx. 47 x 33 x 11 cm • size L: approx. 47 x 33 x 14 cm • incl. velours cover (80 % cotton/20 % polyester, ivory colored, washable at 40° C) SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow PLUS A PLUS for your neck! • especially suited to relieve vertebrae and intervertebral discs when suffering from diseases of the cervical spine • adjustable in height by adding or removing the Vario Pad • size: approx. 47 x 33 x 11/14 cm • incl. velours cover (80 % cotton/20 % polyester, ivory colored, washable at 40° C) The...

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SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Deluxe wider pillow The wider pillow, adjustable in height! • 16 cm wider than the SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow PLUS • made from visco-elastic foam • adjustable in height by adding or removing the Vario Pad • comes with luxurious satin cover (100 % cotton, washable at 40° C) • size: approx. 63 x 33 x 10/12 cm unique edge adjustable in height Item Number SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Bambini The bambini version of the proven SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Soft! • for children four years and up • helps achieve a pieceful sleep • with colorful cover (100 % cotton), washable at...

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TENSION-FREE SLEEP SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Travel Cover The handy travel case for all standard SISSEL® pillows! • fits SISSEL® pillows Soft, Soft Plus, Classic and Plus • easy and space-saving wrapping of the neck pillow • can also be used as neck support when rolled up • color: blue Item Number SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Travel Cover, blue Process of rolling in (example with SISSEL® pillow Soft) SISSEL® Palea L The spelt pillow – a present of nature! • perfectly adjusts to the shape of head and neck • maintains the ideal line of the cervical spinal column • moisture and heat regulating •...

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