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Putting the surgical team in control of focus & illumination. After spending decades lighting the way for surgical teams around the world, Skytron has combined all of the features important to the operating room in the Aurora Four light. This next-generation surgical light puts enhanced clarity and focus in the clinician's hand – with only one twist of the center sterile handle. BET TER, BRIGHTER LIGHT Now featuring a larger spot size and intensity up to 160,000 lux, the Aurora Four surgical lights bring crisp, deep-cavity illumination to any procedure. With unique reflector technology, the...

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Direct Focus Control When precise detail must be visualized at a greater working distance, the clinician can easily fine-tune focus without pausing to adjust the position of the light. The focal point can be moved with a twist of the handle, extending the working distance without moving the lighthead or reducing surgeon head room. Greatest Intensity Greatest Intensity Working Distance Working Distance THE SURGICAL LIGHT WITH TRUE FOCUS ADJUSTMENT Adjust focus without moving the lighthead – one twist of the handle moves the focal point up or down Aurora Four surgical lights put the surgical...

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Thoughtfully designed for today's surgical teams Skytron knows that operating room services are complex. That is why the newest generation of surgical lights is designed to take unnecessary work out of each procedure. HASSLE-FREE FEATURES INCLUDE • Aurora Four lights can be placed further away from the patient, opening up the line-of-sight and minimizing physical contact with the fixture • 110° vertical travel allows downward positioning for hip, OB-GYN and urology procedures • 360° rotation on all axes and lightweight construction keep positioning simple • Drift-free stability keeps lights...

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Combination of fixed and variable focus LEDs produce a stunningly brilliant light Color temperature of 4100K illuminates deep tissue with soft, white light Unique vertically segmented reflectors create a crisp, homogenous spot Color temperature of 4500K illuminates orthopedic procedures with bright, white light Wall intensity control offers five adjustable settings and color temperature selection Optional Precision HD camera system BRILLIANT AND CRISP ILLUMINATION • Center sterile handle adjusts intensity, focus and positioning • Vertically segmented reflector design for shadow reduction •...

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More Options for More Environments AL SO USE AUROR A 4 LIGHTS IN: • General and Hybrid Operating Rooms • C-Section Suite • Cath Lab Seamlessly integrate Aurora Four surgical lights with booms, flat-screen displays or independent camera arms. For specialty rooms or clinics, a mobile stand option is available. • Emergency Department • Intensive Care Unit • Outpatient Surgery Centers

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With numerous options and configurations, we have an Aurora Four surgical light that is right for any clinical environment. From hybrid to general operating rooms, contact your local representative to find the right solution. Camera- Flat-Screen Camera Extended Laminar Boom Mobile Model Configuration Lighthead Ready Display Arms Arm Arm Flow Hub Integration Stand Diameter Lighthead Available Available Available Available Available Available

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INNOVATIV E S OLU TIONS F OR THE OR , ER A ND E V ERY ROOM IN BE T WEEN The literature has been developed to provide healthcare professionals with general product information. Please note: not all products are available in all countries. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based on regulatory requirements. For product availability or any further information, please contact your local Skytron representative. About Skytron Skytron is a privately held company specializing in capital equipment that drives efficiency in today's healthcare facilities. 5085 Corporate Exchange Blvd....

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