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Complete coverage extends beyond 360°. Skytron helps healthcare facilities realize a whole new degree of coverage. Ergon 3 booms are designed to provide 360° equipment coverage – but they do not stop there. Instead, each boom configuration is also designed to give healthcare providers a better day. MORE ACCESS, LESS COST The Skytron Central Tandem Mount offers four arms from one hub. This exclusive design allows convenient access to lights, equipment and flat-screen displays anywhere around the patient. With only one mount, there are less construction costs to worry about. SIMPLE...

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A better day by design. Skytron has it covered. Skytron believes that a better day begins with fewer hassles. That is why the Ergon 3 booms provide convenient, comprehensive and reliable coverage to a diverse range of clinical environments. DIFFERENTIATING FEATURES • xclusive Central Tandem Mount allows E positioning of equipment carrier, flat-screen displays or lights anywhere around the patient • ingle mount saves on construction expense S • liminate rotational conflicts caused E by side-by-side mounts • utton-free, friction braking system reduces B maintenance costs and drift •...

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Four arms from one mount. Skytron has it covered. In the exclusive Central Tandem Mount design, a single mount provides 360° access to the equipment carrier, lights and flat-screen displays. Skytron keeps construction costs low with only one mount and eliminates the hassle of side-by-side mounts. KEY FEATURES INCLUDE • Only one mounting structure required • Equipment carrier, lights, and flat-screen displays can be positioned anywhere around the patient • First upper arm provides equipment carrier • Second lower arm provides flat-screen display or x-ray shield • Surgical lights centered...

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Two equipment carriers from one mount. Skytron has it covered. In the exclusive Tandem Mount design, a single mount provides 360° access to equipment and utilities. An ideal configuration for intensive care units, this solution provides comprehensive coverage even when the patient’s bed is pulled out or turned within the room. KEY FEATURES INCLUDE • nly one mounting structure required, minimizing any conflict in the ceiling with patient lift systems O • Both equipment carriers achieve head-to-foot coverage on either side of the patient • Both upper and lower arm provide an equipment carrier...

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Smaller rotational footprint. Skytron has it covered. Skytron understands that space is valuable in any healthcare environment, so the center-aligned carriers are designed to use 50% less rotational square footage than the competition. When this space-saving carrier is paired with the Central Tandem Mount configuration, it can also provide comprehensive, shoulder-to-shoulder coverage.

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A reach that goes farther. Skytron has it covered. Now featuring arm lengths up to 100" the Central Tandem Mount boom allows equipment , to be positioned anywhere within a 17' diameter of the mounting structure. A longer reach also means that Skytron can easily work around other equipment such as patient lifts or imaging systems.

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Versatile environments. Skytron has it covered. No matter what the clinical need, Skytron can work alongside of planning teams to match any configuration or specification. From extended arms for the hybrid operating room to flexible carrier coverage in the emergency room, Skytron has more options for any budget or specialty. FIND A SOLUTION FOR EVERY ENVIRONMENT OR SPECIALIT Y • General Operating Room • Hybrid Operating Room • C-Section Suite • Cath Lab • Intensive Care Unit • Emergency Department

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All boom components – even accessories and shelves – are safety tested up to 5X the capacity ratings Center aligned carriers place weight directly under bearing, preventing possible damage Protective support rails on center aligned carriers prevent equipment damage A sealed plate separates all gas and electrical connections on carriers, protecting against possible hazards Extensive cable throughput allows plenty of room for expansion to accommodate future needs A full menu of accessories allow each configuration to be customized according to clinical requirements Peace of mind. Skytron has...

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Expert design and support. Skytron has it covered. Skytron offers committed support to architects, planners and design teams. From project management to state-of-the-art rendering tools, Skytron streamlines the planning process and seeks to provide timely, knowledgeable expertise. TURN ANY IDEA INTO REALITY WITH ADVANCED PLANNING TOOLS SUCH AS: • OR concept guide • Project and planning guide • Online portal for architects and planners

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ERGON 3 BOOM CONFIGUR ATIONS Number Dual Maximum Maximum of Arms Arm Dual Arm Number of per Reach Weight Lightheads Mount Capacity per Mount Maximum Number of Flat-Screen Displays per Mount Maximum Number of Equipment Carriers per Mount Compatible Equipment Carrier / Utility Box Types Maximum Lightweight Attachments per Mount Compatible Lightweight Attachment Types X-ray Shield, SkyLink, Camera X-ray Shield, SkyLink, Camera 120 Series 4 87" - 110.5" (Upper Arm) 88 lb (Upper Arm) 2 4 0 N/A 2 Lightweight 77.5" - 98.5" (Lower Arm) 88 lb (Lower Arm) Tandem Mount X-ray Shield, SkyLink, Camera...

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INNOVATIV E S OLU TIONS F OR THE OR , ER A ND E V ERY ROOM IN BE T WEEN The literature has been developed to provide healthcare professionals with general product information. Please note: not all products are available in all countries. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based on regulatory requirements. For product availability or any further information, please contact your local Skytron representative. About Skytron Skytron is a privately held company specializing in capital equipment that drives efficiency in today's healthcare facilities. 5085 Corporate Exchange Blvd....

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