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SLE2000 HFO Infant Ventilator with High Frequency Oscillation “ Easy-to-use and simple to set-up; just what we need ” When the smallest thing matters

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The SLE2000 HFO - High Frequency Infant Ventilator ✓✓ Exceptional pneumatic performance ✓✓ The operation of the unique valveless system eliminates the need for exhalation valves, diaphragms etc. meaning less to clean and easier, safer assembly ✓✓ The simple patient circuit (suitable for all modes of ventilation), together with the valveless system, reduces problems of resistance and compliance ✓✓ The principle of operation of the valveless system reduces inadvertent PEEP, and aids in the total clearance of expired gases ✓✓ Automatic gas flow adjustment ✓✓ Ability to maintain pressure...

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Ordering Information Z2540/00 SLE2000 HFO with single-use circuits Stand-mounted ventilator complete with a servo- controlled humidifier - typically a Fisher & Paykel (or equivalent), air and Oxygen hoses and manual (3 single-use patient circuits included for user start-up). Includes 2 pin European- style plug. Z2540/05 SLE2000 HFO with reusable circuit Options Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Patient Circuits* and Accessories BC2188/400/15 Patient circuit - Single-use (box of 15) BC2188/100/15 No longer available 0-15 l/min blended output Manuals N2005/00 Service manual N2006/00 User manual Air...

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Technical Specifications Ventilator Controls Conventional Ventilator: Ventilator Breathing: Ventilator Max Inspiratory Time (Insp Time): Ventilator I.E. Ratio: HFO Operational Frequency: HFO Modes: HFO Inspiratory Expiratory Phase: HFO Rate: Pressure Wave Form: Manual Breath: Graphic Display: Screen Switch: PTV Threshold: Oxygen Blender: Pressure Display Switch: CPAP/PEEP Regulator: Oscillator Pressure: Inspiratory Pressure: Off/Alarm Test, CPAP, CMV, PTV, SIMV 1-150 BPM 0.1-3 sec 9.9:1 to 1:99 calculated from BPM and MIT settings 3-20 Hz Off, Expiratory, Inspiratory, Continuous 1:1...

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