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Infant Ventilators Infant Ventilator with Touch-Screen Operation

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Sophisticated and Powerful To keep up with the latest in ventilation the SLE4000 has continually reinvented itself. During the last few years this has meant updated electronics, updated pneumatics, new components and enhanced software to ensure that the SLE4000 can still ventilate the most difficult babies whilst remaining reliable and easy to maintain. In addition to these regular technology updates, the latest version of the SLE4000 meets all of the latest regulatory requirements and has added a number of new features to keep it up to date. To highlight these, and all previous updates the...

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Audible and Visual Alarms Integral Screen The alarm panel provides an immediate audible and pictorial view of the alarm condition, thus allowing easy monitoring, plus an alarm history of the last 100 conditions. Colour-coded user touch screen. Easy-touse, logical sequence allowing quick, smooth adjustments. The SLE4000’s 12.1 inch screen means that all the data you need can be easily seen. Integrated Battery Real-time Data Display The SLE4000 has an internal battery that ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of a mains supply failure. The battery lasts for up to an hour under normal...

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Continued Evolution Ventilation Modes: Conventional PEEP Pressure • Case • Trolley Backup Inspiratory Time High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation PEEP Pressure PIP Pressure For those users that may require High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation we have also introduced a new version of the SLE5000. Valveless System All of SLE’s ventilators use ‘valveless technology’. This means that the management of the airflow is controlled not by a mechanical valve, but by a jet of air, acting as a pneumatic piston. This system is based on 20 years of development of a patented technology, and offers many...

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