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SLE5000 Conventional

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nfant Ventilator for Conventional Ventilation H (Also available with optional HFO) H When the smallest thing matters

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Neonatal ventilation poses real caregivers. Neonatal patients, especially premature infants are very fragile and have undeveloped respiratory systems that require very small tidal volumes. Therefore, precision and reliability are crucial. Triggered modes of ventilation, require the finest technology to ensure reliable detection of the baby's breathing. Fast triggering of mechanical breaths is essential, in order to reduce the patient's work In the busy NICU environment, medical and nursing staff need a ventilator that provides them with all the tools they need to treat their most...

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Sophisticated & Powerful Extensive Capabilities Modes include: CPAP, CMV+ TTV, PTV, PSV, SIMV+ TTV + PSV • Ability to preset parameters in all modes of operation • Full colour, 12.1” touch-screen operation • Integral flow monitoring measuring lung mechanics and displaying of loops and waveforms • Trending of measured parameters • Unique, patented valveless technology • Integral battery with up to 60 minutes operating capability • Software based, allowing for upgrading to versions with new or improved functions. Targeted Tidal Volume plus (TTVplus) Recent research indicates that the use of...

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Integrated battery The SLE5000 has an internal battery that ensures uninterrupted operation in case of a mains supply failure. The battery lasts for more than one hour in normal operation conditions. This makes the ventilator even safer and makes it ideal for use in internal hospital transport. Audible and Visual Alarms The alarm panel provides an immediate audible and pictorial view of the alarm condition, thus allowing easy monitoring, plus an alarm history of the last 100 conditions. Patient Circuit Connections Front panel mounted patient circuit connections with autoclavable exhalation...

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Safe & Easy-to-Use Integral screen Colour-coded user touch screen. Easy-touse, logical sequence allowing quick, smooth adjustments. The SLE5000’s 12.1 inch screen means that all the data you need can be easily seen. Real-time Data Display Real-time lung mechanics measurements and ventilatory data. This allows for continuous feedback for making crucial clinical decisions. Pre-Setting Facility Parameters can be preselected for the next mode whilst continuing to ventilate the patient in the current mode of ventilation. Compact Unit The SLE5000 ventilator is housed in a single compact box,...

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Smart & Cost-Effective Valveless System All of SLE’s ventilators use ‘valveless technology’. This means that the management of the airflow is controlled not by a mechanical valve, but by a jet of air, acting as a pneumatic piston. This system is based on 20 years of patented technology, and offers many significant advantages. The first of these is that there is no additional resistance in the circuit. This ensures that even with the smallest of babies there is minimal resistance to flow and the Work of Breathing is kept to a minimum. The high-speed air jets also mean that the system is very...

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Specification Ventilation Modes: Conventional CPAP / PTV / PSV Inspiratory Time: CPAP Pressure: Inspiratory Pressure: Volume Targeting: Oxygen: BPM: I:E Ratio: Inspiratory Time: PEEP Pressure: Inspiratory Pressure: Volume Targeting: Oxygen: Monitoring Parameters Measurement of Flow and Volume Flow Sensor Type: 10 mm dual-hotwire anemometer (autoclavable or single use) Flow Rate: 0.2 to 32 l/min (Accuracy 8%) Expiratory Tidal Volume: 0 to 999 ml Expiratory Minute Volume: 0 to 18 litres Deadspace: <1 ml Weight: <10 g Conventional Ventilation and combined modes only: Tube Leakage: 0 to 99%...

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SLE is a world leader in the design and manufacture of neonatal ventilators. Years of ventilation experience have given the company an understanding of the challenges that nurses and clinicians are facing when caring for the tiniest and most critical babies. From being the pioneers of neonatal Patient Triggered Ventilation (PTV) in the 1980’s, to the introduction of combined HFO (High Frequency Oscillation) in the 1990’s, and the design of the first touch-screen Neonatal Ventilator in the 2000’s, SLE has maintained a position of strength in neonatal ventilation. The company’s guiding...

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