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Dear Valuable Customer, Smile Surgical is a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of single use and reusable Surgical & Dental instruments to worldwide. Our manufacturing unit is located at Sialkot (Pakistan), a world's renowned city for the manufacturing of Surgical & Dental Instruments. This is our family business, so we have worked hard to build our reputation in this evolving industry and our satisfied customers are our strength. Our products are manufactured by using the best quality stainless steel as AISI, ASTM and DIN standard's recommended which is imported from Germany,...

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5. To form strategic joint ventures and distribution networks within the industry around the globe and to fulfill our social, ethical and industrial obligations in the most effective and efficient manner. Our Strategy At Smile Surgical 1) It is our utmost priority to serve our valuable customers with fair dealing, honesty, sincerity, truth, trustworthy relationship and cooperation. 2) We always cordially welcome our valuable customer's opinions, suggestions and recommendations. 3) We give replacement against defective goods, if the malfunction occurred at our end. 4) The stainless steel...

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Quality Management System The quality policy is the main guiding principles that provide the focus of quality to the whole organization and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. Customer (Needs & Expectations) Requirements Resource Management Measurement, Analysis, And Improvement Customer Satisfaction Product Realization PREMIUM QUALITY DENTAL INSTRUMENTS Quality Begins With People Who Care

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PROCESS FLOW CHART Storage / Shipping Steel Approved Store Steel Shearing Final Inspection Blank Cutting (Require products) Electro Etching Ultrasonic Cleaning Gold Plating Final Polishing Cold Forging Boil Test & Passivation Functional Setting Outer Trimming Sand Blasting Ring Trimming Electro Polishing First Polishing _■ ^Heat Treatment & Hardness Test

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Manufacturing Capabilities Of Smile Surgical All of our production departments are well equipped with the latest machinery which is imported from Germany and England and are well-staffed with the expert technicians. Raw Material Department Smile Surgical always purchases best quality stainless steel raw material from steel suppliers or import directly from Japan, France and Germany when need to do. Different grades of stainless steel for example (303, 304, 410,420 & 440) are used in the production of our Surgical & Dental Instruments. At Smile Surgical, we believe that quality can only be...

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Forging Department Smile Surgical has its own forging section where forgings are made through Drop Hammer process by seasoned operators using dyes made of the best quality imported D-2 Steel. Forging is done by keeping in mind that the geometry of this process is a starting point and does not on any way limit your design freedom. Milling Department Milling is used in the Surgical & Dental instruments industry, defined as the process of cutting, shaping and finishing of an instrument. It is the process that includes turning, welding and fringing. At Smile Surgical we use the best milling...

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Coating Department Our coating department is capable of providing gold plated instruments as well as powder coated instruments depending upon the requirements of the instrument or the customer. Best quality coating related raw materials are used so that no compromise can be made on quality. Furthermore, each coating is inspected for quality before any instrument is passed on to the next department. Passivation Department We use high quality imported chemicals in our Passivation Department. Every instrument is boil test and passivate for 24 hours before move to the next department. If need...

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Terms and Conditions Of Business Company's Agreement Smile Surgical believes in the highest moral values and business ethics. Once a contract is made with a customer, we strongly aim at following it in its true spirit regarding the quality of product, packing, delivery time or any other particular need of the importer. Prices Our prices are stable for one year, after which they may be subject to a change depending upon general price increase of stainless steel. Instruments prices are revised according to the price of raw material and craftsmanship at the end of company's financial year....

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CARE, HANDLING AND STERLISATION OF INSTRUMENTS Smile Surgical Approved Sterilisation Methods We recommend steam autoclave and ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilisation methods. Steam autoclave is highly efficient method of sterilisation which will not dull sharpness of instruments. If steam autoclave and ethylene oxide methods are not available, dry heat and chemical vapour methods are also recommended. We don't approve chemical sterilisation methods. These methods destroy instruments quickly and if used will eventually invalidate the warranty of your instruments. Sterilisation Advice Instruments...

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Lubrication of Instruments Instruments must be lubricated regularly to increase the life time of instruments. It should be carried out daily or at least on a weekly basis. Prior to sterilisation, instruments must be lubricated. Lubricants designed specifically for precision hinged instruments should be used. Make sure to use lubricant that is well-suited with the operating temperature of your dry heat unit if dry heat steriliser is being used. Regular sharpening of instruments for example cutters will enhance their service life and increase their ability to cut more effectively and...

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Smile Surgical Recommends The Following Steps To Prevent Corrosion 1) Prior to the sterilisation of instruments, all residual matter must be cleaned thoroughly. 2) Instruments must be sterilised in open position. 3) Instruments must be properly air or towel dried. Specifically take care of the joint areas and hinges. 4) Corroded instruments should never be sterilised with non-corroded instruments as it may permanently transfer the iron oxide on the corroded instruments to the non-corroded instruments. 1) All RE-USABLE instruments are delivered in NON-STERILE condition and must be cleaned,...

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