Closed Wound Vaccum Drains and Continuous Suction Bulbs


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Closed Wound Vacuum Drains and Continuous Suction Bulbs Features & Benefits • Sterile • Silicone construction for durability and flexibility • Clear to allow for monitoring of fluid characteristics • Light weight • Graduated for ease of measuring wound output • Side tab for anchoring to patient • Three different sizes (100 cc, 150 cc, 400 cc) • One-way valve and Luer lock fitting to maintain connection and prevent backflow Clinical Applications • Short-term suction for the drainage of air or fluid from a wound or body cavity • Suction decreases wound dead space and expedites healing1 • Gentle suction draws wound closed with minimal tissue trauma and allows for fibrin adhesions to form joining the wound together to facilitate healing1 • Closed suction device allows a cleaner application than penrose and other drains1 Recommended to be use with • CWDVD0720 (Closed Wound Vacuum Drain) • CWVD1320 (Closed Wound Vacuum Drain) Order Information • GSB100, GSB150, GSB400 1. Continuous Suction Bulbs Instructions for Use. Smiths Medical. 32416B152 01-2009. Smiths Medical ASD, Inc. St. Paul, MN 55112 USA Phone: +1 651-633-2556 The Smiths Medical and SurgiVet design marks are trademarks of Smiths Medical. ©2014 Smiths Medical. All rights reserved. V

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