Setting Quickset Alarm Limits on the SurgiVet® Advisor® Monitor​


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Setting Quickset Alarm Limits on the SurgiVet® Advisor® Monitor The SurgiVet® Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor offers a unique feature to improve monitoring on critical patients. With the Quickset option you can quickly change the alarm limits according to the current patients values. You may choose to reset all the alarm limits, or just the alarm limits for a measured value that has matched or exceeded a high or low limit and generated an alarm. The Quickset option works for any parameter that is running on the monitor. How does this work? When you select Quickset in the main menu, the monitor will use the patient’s current measured values and add the Quickset HI (QS HI) number to each value, which resets the high alarm limits to reflect each total. Likewise, the monitor will subtract the Quickset Low (QS LO) numbers from the patients current measured values and reset all the low alarm limits. This low setting can be set to No Change if you want to be alerted if the patient’s values fall below the current value. Example: Patient’s Current Measured Values Quickset Numbers Quickset Functions High and Low Alarm Limits as Reset Using the Quickset Feature Heart Rate: 65 bpm QS HI: +25 65+25=90 High: 90 bpm QS LO: -25 65-25=40 Low: 40 bpm Non-Invasive Blood QS HI/Systolic: +20 118+20= 138 High/Systolic: 138 mmHg PressureQS LO/Systolic: -15 118-15= 103 Low/Systolic: 103 mmHg Systolic: 118 mmHg QS HI/Diastolic:+10 80+10=90 High/Diastolic: 90 mmHg Diastolic: 80 mmHg QS LO/Diastolic:-10 80-10= 70 Low/Diastolic: 70 mmHg Mean Arterial QS HI/Mean: +10 92+10=102 High/Mean: 102 mmHg Pressure: 92 mmHg QS LO/Mean: -10 92-10=82 Low/Mean: 82 mmHg Oximetry: 98% SPO2 QS HI: NO CHG NO CHG High: No Change is made QS LO: -5 98-5=93 Low: 93% These newly reset alarm limits will be displayed in the parameter box. *Always be sure that the Quickset Alarm limits you select are clinically appropriate for your patient. The SurgiVet® monitor provides a clinically appropriate range of selectable high and low alarm limits with each measured value. If the Quickset option would create a value lower than the factory alarm, it defaults to the minimum value for a low alarm limit. The factory alarm range for heart rate is 350-20 bpm therefore the Quickset option will not let it go above or below thi

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To Set the Quickset High and Low Numbers: 1. Turn the rotary knob on the monitor to move the cursor. On the main menu at the bottom of the display, highlight ALARMS and push the knob to select. 2. Highlight CHANGE CURRENT ALARM LIMITS and push the know to access the alarm limit box. 3. Turn the rotary knob to highlight the name of the current measured value and push the knob to select. 4. Highlight the QS HI or QS LO and push the knob to select. 5. Turn the rotary knob to choose the desired number and push the knob to select. If you do not want a high or low alarm limit to change when you...

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