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SmartSite® Needle-Free Valve - 1

SmartSite® Needle-Free Valve Instructions SmartSite® needle-free valve is designed for injection, aspiration, or gravity flow of fluids after it has been accessed by a male Luer lock. Please follow these instructions for use.

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SmartSite® Needle-Free Valve - 2

1. Thoroughly swab the smooth top of the septum with preferred antiseptic prior to accessing, in accordance to hospital protocol. 2. Remove the protective cap on the male Luer lock. 3. If the SmartSite® valve is already attached to a female fitting, make sure all connections are secure before using. Connections may have loosened during shipment. 4. Connect the male Luer to the female Luer of the connecting device. 5. Prime the valve port and expel air as needed. 6. Attach administration set or syringe to the valve port. 7. Do not insert needles or blunt cannulas into the valve port. 8. To...

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