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Stainless Steel Furniture

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Stainless steel tables SR series 4 Iluminated table RS series 7 Sink tables SRZ series 9 Driping table OS series 13 Packing stand with height adjustment 15 Pass trought cabinet 16 Storage racks RU series 18 Racks with hooks RL-12S, RL-6S 20 Stainless steel palette 22 Chemical distribution system CDS 23 Mobile bowl holder STU 2, STU 4 24 Foot platform one and two stage PD-1, PD-2 25 Cabinet for flexible endoscopes 30 Modular furniture system SL series 31

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Transport trolley for linen WZ-91BCB 48 Trolley for the transport of sterile goods WZ-31, WZ-61, WZ-91 50 Trolley for clean laundry WZ-91 CB, WZ-121CB 51 Transport trolley for medical materials and medicines WZ-64 52 Trolley for intensive care WOM-66 55 Trolley for sterile materials WZ-35, WZ-65 56 Trolley for sterilization baskets WZK 58 Transport and storage trolley WZ-85 59 Basin for desinfection BS series 64 Table for plaster bands SOG-1, SOG-2 65 Holder for waste bags SW 60, SW 120 66

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STAINLESS STEEL TABLES SR SERIES The frame and work top are made of stainless steel, which provides the long-term durability and aesthetic appeal. Feet table enable swift adjust the height of i 1 cm. They are manufactured with the following dimensions: Tables can be equipped with upright partitions type- ND2-0, cabinets type SP6Z and SS6. Lower shelves PDf swivel castors type KK-10 and wall protectors type KO-10. Different size of tables available upon request

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Lenght x Width x Height Upright partition with two shelves, lighting and electric sockets ND2 Upright partition with two shelves ND2-0 40 cm wide cabinet with shelf and lock (open right or left) SP6Z 40 cm wide cabinet with three drawers SS6 Swivel castors 010 cm, two with brakes KK-10 Lower shelf for tables SR series

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ACCESSORIES OF TABLES SR SERIES Upright partition ND-2 is designed to be It consists of two shelves placed between two supports. It is equipped with lighting and two electric sockets allowing to connect such device as rotary heat sealers, lamp with a magnifying Upright partition is made of stainless steel. Cabinet SP6Z with a width of 40 cm, with shelf and door, placed underneath The door is equipped with a lock. SS6 cabinet 40 cm wide with three drawers, placed underneath the table. Cabinet made of stainless steel. Lower shelf PD adapted to the width of the table. Wall protectors KO-10 0...

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ILUMINATED TABLE RS SERIES Working tables SR14P series are designed for viewing, sorting and folding laundry operations in CSSD. Tables are made of stainless steel, which ensures the long-term durability and aesthetic appearance. In the middle of the table is built in illuminated part with four tubular light placed under milky colored tempered glass.

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Tables are equipped with sockets for connecting additional electrical equipment such as electric knives etc. The design of tables can combine them with table type SR to make larger working surface. Feet of the table can be adjusted in the Illumination module: L 85 x W 60 cm (about 0.5 m) Tempered glass The light diffusion plate under tempered glass Max load electrical outlets. 6A, 240V The frame, cassette decks and housing made of stainless steel Additional dimensions available on request

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SINK TABLES SRZ SERIES Table is made of stainless steel, thus providing long-term durability The table top may be provided with one, two or three chambers. Feet table provides smooth control of its height, in the range Sink table needs to be connected to the drain plumbing, at the height

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Accessories are the lower shelves - type PD. Sink tables are produced with the following parameters: On special request, the sink tables are made in various overall sizes and different sizes of chambers with additional equipment, such as: full housing bottom shelf electric waste grinders

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WORK TABLES SINKS SERIES SRZ Tables with one chamber of dimensions. 60 x 40 x 25 cm Length x Width x Height

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Tables of the three chambers of size. 60 x 40 x 25 cm Length x Width x Height Tables of the three chambers of size. 60 x 40 x 25 cm Length x Width x Height

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GRIPING TABLE OS SERIES Table top and frame are made of stainless steel, which ensures its long-term durability, aesthetic appearance and easy to keep clean. Feet table provides smooth control Water drained from the work surface may be connected by: ■ a flexible hose to siphon {if the next set is a work table SRZ or sink) ■ the solid pipe through a siphon Dripping table can be equipped with a lower shelf PD DIMENSIONS AND TYPES OF DRIPPING TABLE Type Size Type Size

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PACKING STAND The packing stand consist of the table, and upright partition with two shelves. Designed for sealing instrument sets and storage packaging equipment used during collection of pouches for the CSSD and operating theaters. Table is made of sheet thickness. 1.5 mm and the closed tubes 30 x 30 x 1.5 mm stainless steel. Upright partition has two shelves measuring 180 x 30 cm, with two electric sockets 230V and lighting at the bottom shelf. Under neath the table top are structural elements, to which can be attached cabinets with doors or drawers. rotary sealer for packaging roll...

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PACKING STAND WITH HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Stand for packing and sealing is made of stainless steel with automatic height adjustment range of 820 mm - 1320 mm. The packing stand can be fitted with shelves or hunch hooks for hanging baskets, lighting and power outlets. Other accessories like in SMS SR series. The proposed dimensions of the tables: (W x D) The table has a programmable three different heights. Automatic height adjustment provided iHj Wi. by electric motors powered by 230V - 50Hz Additional dimensions available on request

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PASS TRDUGHT CABINET Pass through cabinet is to transfer contaminated equipment between the operating theatre and dirty side Is designed to allow personnel transfer contaminated materials while precluding personnel form moving between sides. Pass through cabinet is adapted for mounting in holes in the wall 75 x 75 cm and max. depth of 75 cm (on special request, pass through cabinet can be made The whole set consists of two frames combined chamber made of stainless steel, glazed doors with locking mechanism. Pass through cabinet consist full airtightness. Tempered glass door. The mechanical...

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