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STEAM STERILIZER AS 6918 Capacity 1100 liters Steam sterilizer AS 6918 has been designed with conformance to European norms to be operated with standard sterilization units 300 x 300 x 600 mm. Device is also compliant with standard packing systems (baskets, trays, cans) and conveyance systems (inside carts and transport trolleys). Air removal and drying are conducted by very efficient system consisting of steam separator, water-ring vacuum pump and condenser. Microprocessor controller assures fully automatic and safe run of the selected sterilization program. LCD medical touch screen displays live data during the cycle of sterilization, as well as points out available options and alerts to any failures. Sterilization parameters are controlled by resistance temperature sensors and piezoelectric pressure transducers. All the automatic components in the sterilizer come from renowned manufacturers and check all its phases, as well as the pressure and temperature inside the chamber during the cycle of sterilization. Printout lists also any emergency situations.

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Equipment Additional options external air compressor additional temperature sensor in chamber for sterilization of liquids stainless steel piping inside cart HEPA filter transport trolley Model series AS 69xx sterilizers can be further tailored to individual requirements. Unique construction solutions are SMS area of expertise.Any Customer involved in purchase of a single sterilizer orfurnishing the entire sterilizing plant can rely on the expertise and advice of our specialists. All equipment ordered in our company is tailor-made to suit individual requests and architectonicfeatures. Unit...

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