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DESIGNING MOVEMENT III I The merge of the French brands Ormihl, Danet, Sober, Fag and Ledos

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ALTEOR, designing movement The Ormihl, Danet, Sober, Fag and Ledos laboratories have been working for several decades in the field of high-end, innovative orthopedics. Today, we have amalgamated to form ALTEOR, a new multi-specialist group for orthopedic devices. Our aim is to create a new French reference center for orthopedics. ALTEOR is comprised of orthopedic experts who share a common desire to stand out through research and innovation by designing products that provide patients with a real, tangible and proven therapeutic benefits. This constant quest for improvement and perfection is...

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STANDING OUT THROUGH RESEARCH We founded ALTEOR based on the idea of continued innovation and highest quality. The objective of our Research & Development (R&D) policy, based on a desire of progress and innovation, consists in designing products that provide patients with real added value in terms of comfort, therapeutic efficacy, security and design. Our R&D department brings together ten people (doctors in biomechanics, technicians, doctorate candidates, designers) who have been entrusted with the mission of creating the orthopedic products of tomorrow while constantly improving our...

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OUR PRODUCTS ALTEOR provides a range of expert products that are capable of responding to all demands, all pathologies and all traumas requiring an orthopedic device, with the know-how and quality that have built the reputation of all our laboratories. By combining our skills and expertise, we have built and adjusted our offerings offer based on the needs and specific demands of our various clients: doctors (private practice or physiotherapists), specialists in orthopedics or traumatology, pharmacists, hospitals and clinics. The ALTEOR ranges were therefore created to meet any need for...

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ALTEOR IN FIGURES AND IN SHORT • 3 product ranges (expert, traditional, hospital) • 15 new patents submitted • More than 220 orthopedic products • A 10-person research unit • 100 production technicians • 20 sales representatives at your service • Sales and logistics administration (15 people) • Launch of 5 innovative products per year • 4 manufacturing sites in France Saint-Georges-de-Reneins (FAG MÉDICAL site) 45 employees Administrative headquarters and general headquarters Manufacturing of the traditional and hospital ranges Logistics and sales administration Crolles (Sober site) 35...

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LOWER LIMBS cervical spine

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UPPER LIMBS hand, wrist, elbow heatformable range support stockings

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LOWER LIMBS • foot • ankle • knee

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foot Orthopedic devices for the foot are particularly varied and depend on the type of lesion and the clinical profile of each patiens. There are therefore different categories of products: • rop foot orthoses for pathologies of central or D peripheral origin causing flail foot or equinus foot during walking (Liberté, Équilibre) • ositioning orthoses guaranteeing long-term stability P of the ankle angle (Équinix) • ost-operative shoes that provide pressure relief P areas to allow and encourage walking again (Toeshoes Evolutive and their pressure-relief wedge kit, CHV Comfort) • Accessories...

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DYNAMIC DROP FOOT BRACE 706020N / ORMIHL PRODUCT ADVANTAGES + lexible, comfortable F and discreet + arefoot or with any kind B of shoe + ree-flowing, dynamic F and natural gait + revents sweating P and heating of the foot MEDICAL INDICATIONS Paralysis of central or peripheral muscles that hold up the foot CHARACTERISTICS Ankle circumference Spat made of elastic fabric reinforced by four flexible stays Hook-and-loop closure: respects the anatomy of the foot The flexible part of the spat can be adjusted simply by cutting it with scissors: can be adapted to suit any morphology Recommendation:...

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DROP FOOT BRACE ANTI-EQUINUS FOOT BRACE PRODUCT ADVANTAGES + Comfortable and light-weight + Anatomical adjustability + Adjustable size PRODUCT ADVANTAGES + Optimal comfort + Bilateral positioning + Brace can be used when lying down MEDICAL INDICATIONS MEDICAL INDICATIONS Paralysis of central or peripheral origin of the muscles that hold up the foot Trauma of the ankle and foot (temporary immobilization before plaster cast) After tibia, ankle or mid-foot surgery Neurological equinus foot Rigid device: creates foot support without lateral imbalance Foam pad on the calf: optimal comfort Sole...

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POST-OPERATIVE SHOES FOR THE FOREFOOT « TOESHOES® EVOLUTIVE » 705020N for the pair or 705021N for one shoe / ORMIHL SIZES (shoe) Shoe size PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Ordering code Shoe size Side + Adjustable strap + No pressure on the forefoot + Can be adapted to each treatment phase MEDICAL INDICATIONS Surgery of the front or back of foot / Bunions Sensitive feet that are difficult to fit in normal shoes Progressive shoe that includes removable modules (a stiffener and two screws) to manage treatment phases. Easy to put on a foot that has undergone surgery via a wide adjustable back opening with a...

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« CHV COMFORT » SHOE WITH FOREFOOT PRESSURE RELIEF PRODUCT ADVANTAGES + Adjustable straps + ole can be replaced with S a custom-made sole + Protection of the forefoot MEDICAL INDICATIONS Surgery of the forefoot, particularly for bunions Convex external sole: makes stepping movement possible without mobilizing the ankle and without lateral imbalance, with forefoot pressure relief Shoe size Internal sole length Ordering code Pathologies requiring forefoot pressure relief (plantar disorders, burns, certain amputations) Metatarsal fractures Hook-and-loop closure: variable volume shoe / respects...

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« WALK’AIR » HIGH WALKING BOOT WALKING BOOT PRODUCT ADVANTAGES + Pneumatic setting of the angle of the foot + Optimal comfort + Easy to apply PRODUCT ADVANTAGES + Pneumatic setting of the angle of the foot + Optimal comfort + Easy to put on MEDICAL INDICATIONS MEDICAL INDICATIONS Metatarsal fractures / Bunions Ligament and tendon damage / Severe ankle sprains Fracture without displacement of the lower third of the leg, the ankle or the foot Foot and ankle surgery / Osteotomy Ligament and tendon lesions / Sevene ankle sprains Foot and ankle surgery / Osteotomy Progressive/digressive...

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