Acura® capillar - positive displacement micropipettes - 2 Pages

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Acura® capillar - positive displacement micropipettes

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overcoming even tricky liquids positive displacement micropipettes High performance positive displacement micropipettes with interchangeable glass capillary tube and ETFE tipped plunger. The soft shaped handle and smooth plunger activation provides for enhanced hand comfort while handling viscous liquids, foaming solutions or volatile solvents. The Acura® capillar 846 features : • Slim shape, comfortable finger rest • Smooth plunger activation • Reliable, step-wise volume adjustment • Colour codes matching on pipettes, plungers and capillaries • Stainless steel, ETFE tipped plunger

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overcoming even tricky liquids Colour coded smartie cap Enhanced pipetting comfort Instrument slim shape fits any hand. Comfortable hook enables pipette to rest naturally on finger. Comfortable finger rest Thin body shape Five pre-set volumes, clearly visible Soft activation Well engineered spring system reduces plunger force requirement. Robust materials overall ETFE tipped stainless steel plunger Matching colour codes Reliable volume adjustment Each pipette has five, easy to adjust pre-set volumes. Clear volume reading on pipette barrel. Workstation 340 For up to three instruments....

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