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Acurex™501 compact dispensers

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Acurex™ compact Compact dispensers for safe reagent handling, adapted to refrigerator storage as well as water bath heating. Dosing mechanism entirely protected inside reservoir. Manufactured and tested to fully comply with the latest regulations on instrument safety and precision, dispensers approved for safety by the German TUV organisation. Volumes range from 0.2 to 30 mL. One-year warranty. The Acurex™compact 501 Product advantages ■ Integrated dosing mechanism ■ Simple, robust construction ■ Retractable graduated column reduces instrument height ■ Fluid path materials excluding any metal ■ Choice of four reservoir sizes ■ Fully autoclavable at 121°C / 250°F Chemical compatibility see page 24 20 Glass reservoir © Amber glass offers optimal light protection. Space saving low profile ©© The graduated column is retractable for height reduction, making the dispenser ideal for storage in refrigerators. Autoclavable extension tubing ® PTFE Jet-Pen™ and tubing help dispense into vessels with maximum comfort within a 60 cm distance. For 1- and 2-L reservoirs (Cat. No. 1.523). Performance and ordering information Chemically inert materials All parts in contact with the liquid are made from chemically inert materials: Performance values obtained with bidest. water at constant temperature (± 0.5°C) comprised between 20 and 25°C in accordance with ISO 8655. 1 measured at 0.5 mL 2) measured at 3 mL

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