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Digital reading pipettes

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your expectations – our tradition digital reading micropipettes Acura® manual pipettes are precision instruments combining high-tech materials with exceptional, user friendly ergonomics. A choice of models brings much more than superior performance and makes pipetting safe and agreeable. The Acura® line features: • Effortless activation • Smart and reliable volume adjustment • Precision digital display visible at all time • JustipTM adjustable tip ejector fitting most tips • Swift-set user calibration system • Shock, UV-light and autoclaving resistance • CE certified IVD 98/79 EEC The Acura® manual models DE

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your expectations – our tradition ost comfortable pipetting M The line fits everybody’s hand with or without glove. Ergonomic shape, light weight and soft plunger travel care for optimal comfort. Universal micropipettes The classic Acura® manual 825 is intended for all applications. It brings convenience, comfort, safety and sturdiness. For sure the wise choice for any laboratory. Smart and reliable volume adjustment State-of-the-art micrometric setting is performed smoothly and precisely by turning push button. Finely machined click-stops and free rotating cap prevent any unwanted volume...

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Extra sharp micropipettes Derived from the Acura® manual 825, the 826 XS line was designed with the research scientists in mind. Shorter, smoother, lighter in weight, the eight models offer key features aiming at excellence in pipetting. ip ejection – easier than ever T ost ergonomically positioned, the M large surface, soft padded ejector button provides for low-pressure activation. In addition to ease of tip ejection, the shaft height adjustment system called Justip™ (>4 mm span) – controlled by efficient clickstops – allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle. Short shaft...

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your expectations – our tradition ozzle protection filter N Macro models accommodate inter­ changeable nozzle filters for added protection against liquid overflow and barrel contamination. Fixed volume micro and macropipettes They show most stable performance and provide consistent results for any analytical or routine tests. No risk of erroneous volume setting. Available in a selection of micro sizes from 1 to 1000 µL and macro volumes models of 2, 2.5, 5 and 10 mL. asteur pipette adapter P Optional adapters allow fitting of glass Pasteur pipette on 2 and 5 mL models in addition to...

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Macropipettes Optimal for in- and outdoor environmental analysis, clinical chemistry and cell culture. They offer superior performance and make pipetting safer than ever. ptimal working position O In addition to the ergonomic design and perfect hand fitting of the pipette, the multichannel volumetric module revolves to allow the selection of the best working position. Multichannel pipettes Instruments extend pipetting possibilities in 96-well microplates and guarantee outstanding performance and results. djustable tip ejector A Height of tip ejector can be adjusted in no time within a 4 mm...

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your premium pipette tips Qualitips® pipette tips These superior pipette tips cover a range between 0.1 µL and 10 mL. All models autoclavable. Optimal tightness fitting on Socorex Description Rack packaging Bag packaging pipettes and broad compatibility with Description Colour, style other brands. Rack packagingCat. No. Bag packagingCat. No. Size Capacity Also fit Quantity Quantity Size Description 31.0 mm Size 31.0 mm 70.9 mm 31.0 mm 70.9 mm 42.3 mm 70.9 mm 42.3 mm 49.4 mm 42.3 mm 49.4 mm 49.4 mm 49.4 mm 49.4 mm 51.1 mm 49.4 mm 51.1 mm 69.0 mm 51.1 mm 69.0 mm 49.7 mm 69.0 mm 49.7 mm 49.7...

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Ordering information – Instruments Acura® 815, fixed volume micropipettes Volume Acura® 825 and 826 XS, adjustable volume micropipettes Volume Acura® 835F fixed volume macropipettes nstant calibration I All Acura® manual models include the swift-set user calibration system - with integrated key and locking mechanism - making tedious procedures a thing of the past. Easy and precise, it is in full compliance with international standards and recommendations. Acura® 835 adjustable volume macropipettes Acura® 855, multichannel micropipettes Volume afety seal sticker S Though easily removed when...

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digital reading micropipettes your expectations – our tradition Ordering information – Accessories Shelf pipette holder 332 Smartie plunger caps Transparent blue Twister universal work station 336 Colour Diamond white Quartz grey Citrine yellow Topaz orange Rubin red Emerald green Sapphire blue Standards and compliance All Acura® manual models are designed to perform in accordance with national and international standards such as ISO 8655, GMP, GLP, NCCLS. Alternative colour selection (6 / pk) White 1.825.710 Rose Grey 1.825.715 Pink Vanilla 1.825.716 Purple Lemon 1.825.712 Ice blue Yellow...

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