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electronic micropipettes

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electronic micropipettes Latest upgrade of a successful line making electronic pipetting more versatile, simpler and safer than ever. The Acura® electro features: • Optimal ergonomics, light weight • Easy, intuitive, self-teaching programme • Large display, reversible right / left reading • Swift-interchange battery pack • Fast charge, long working autonomy • Adjustable tip ejector* fitting most tips • Pipetting cycle counter • Interchangeable volumetric modules * Socorex patented The Acura® electro models 926XS 936 956 micro macro multi added

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Microprocessor-controlled instrument line featuring intuitive software avoiding any complicated programming steps. No particular skills are required to get quick access to six working modes and many volumes to select from. Unsurpassed metrological performance and stability. Macropipettes • Interchangeable nozzle protection filter • Adapters for Pasteur pipette and straw tips • Outstanding accuracy and precision Natural ergonomics The Acura® electro offers shape, balance and working ergonomics resembling those of a manual instrument. But comfort is so greatly improved that pipetting and...

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Multichannel pipettes • Large selection of 8- and 12-channel models • Light weight and perfect hand fitting • Sequential tip ejection • Also fit any single channel volumetric module Tip ejection – easier than ever Maximal efficiency obtained with a large surface, ergonomically located ejector button. The shaft height adjustment system called JustipTM (4 mm span) - controlled by efficient click-stops - allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle. Sound can be turned on / off anytime The multichannel bowed shape ejector head permits effortless, sequential tip ejection. Optimal...

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your premium pipette tips Qualitips® pipette tips These superior pipette tips cover a range between 0.1 μL and 10 mL. All models autoclavable. Optimal tightness fitting on Socorex pipettes and broad compatibility with other brands. Description Natural ultra-microtip Natural microtip Natural macrotip Natural macrotip Natural macrotip Qualitips® with filter Efficient protection against aerosols. Include high-density PE filter for complete, uncontaminated sample retrieval. Certified DNAse and RNAse free. Sterile tips are guaranteed pyrogenfree. Description Sterile ultra-microtip Sterile...

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Great built-in working flexibility Surf through mode selection by pressing a single button. • Forward mode Aspiration and pipetting of set volume. Suitable for all applications. • Reverse mode Aspiration in excess, followed by dosing of set volume. Enhances reproducibility below 20 μL. Especially recommended for viscous and foaming liquids. • Stepper mode Tip filling and step-by-step distribution. Best suited to aliquot samples. • Dilution mode Aspiration of 2 or 3 different volumes for restitution in one shot. An easy way to dilute samples. Initial package Recommended when purchasing an...

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electronic micropipettes Ordering information - Instrument Initial package includes pipette, charging stand and accessories. Additional pipettes (alone) supplied with individual QC certificate, Qualitips® pipette tip samples and operating instructions. Volume *Replace E by country codes if other plug types than Europe style are needed: G = UK, U = USA-Japan, A = Australia-NZ Standards and compliance The Acura® electro pipettes are designed to operate under national and international standards such as EN ISO 8655, GMP, GLP, NCCLS. They conform to: • IVD 98/79 EEC (in vitro diagnostic medical...

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